‘I’m Going To Take Away What Belongs To Him’ – Kiamran Nabati Sends Ominous Warning To Suablack

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Kiamran Nabati wants what Suablack Tor Pran49 has and the Russian powerhouse is prepared to take it by force.  

Knowing that the Thai striker has a six-figure contract to compete on ONE’s global roster, Nabati sees a chance to secure his own by defeating his rival in their bantamweight Muay Thai clash at ONE Friday Fights 68 on June 28. 

The Team Archangel Michael athlete comes armed with a KO win over Suablack when they first met on a regional show in Russia last year. However, Nabati believes this could serve as a boost for the Thai star when they meet again at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Expecting Suablack’s motivation to be at an all-time high, Nabati said: 

“This will be an interesting, exciting fight. He wants to get revenge on me, and I want to take his contract away from him, so it will be an uncompromising fight. It’s not just a fight between two fighters who will go into the ring, but two fighters who have a history, who have already met once before, and I knocked him out then. 

“Now I think he has a sense of revenge that he wants to fulfill. But I’m not going to let him do that, I’m going to take away what belongs to him – his contract, his glory. That’s what I’m going for. That’s what makes him interesting to me, what he has and what should be mine.” 

Nabati is right to be confident. With his quick stoppage win over Suablack and unblemished 20-0 record, the 29-year-old is one of the hottest rising stars on the ONE Friday Fights roster. 

Still, he doesn’t expect to get the job done as quickly and as easily the second time around, especially given his foe’s recent 6-0 run under the ONE banner, which includes four KO victories. 

Sizing up the Tor Pran49 athlete, Nabati said: 

“Suablack would not be interesting to me if he did not have a contract with ONE. Now he has. I fought with him before and I won then. But I’m not focused on the past victory. It will be a completely different fight. 

“Overall, he is a good fighter, he has everything in his arsenal. He can do everything. He punches and kicks, clinches well, and we are ready for any turn of events. 

“But since he came to ONE, he has not yet met a serious opponent like me. Now he has a serious test ahead of him. We have already tested him once, but then the fight ended very quickly. It didn’t even really start before it was over. But we have both changed and now it will be a different fight.” 

Nabati Has Big Plans For ONE Career 

Kiamran Nabati has already bagged two impressive wins in his brief tenure under the ONE Friday Fights banner.  

The unbeaten Russian fighter opened his account with victory over decorated Muay Thai World Champion Pongsiri PK Saenchai last year, before getting the nod against Avatar PK Saenchai in March. 

He knows a third win over the in-form Suablack Tor Pran49 would make a huge statement, especially if he can register another KO. But Nabati is focused on sealing the victory more than chasing the finish at all costs. 

He explained: 

“We always want to earn money and knock our opponents out, but if you think too much about the knockout, it may not come to you. The main thing is to go in the ring for a good fight.  

“That’s why we have to prepare for all the rounds, you should be able to go the whole distance. A knockout is the result of our preparation and hard work. But I will try to do it because people love good a good show.” 

If Nabati can extend his slate to 21-0 with another commanding win, his chance to feature on the big show of ONE Championship won’t be far away.  

For the 29-year-old, that’s where the real work will start as he aims for the top dogs and the biggest prize – the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title. 

Planning to take out all comers until he can claim the gold, he said: 

“I have big ambitions in this organization. I’ve been planning to fight in ONE for a long time. I’m going through this thorny path, but I’m not going to stop. I’m going all the way, taking this contract, and then the champion’s belt. 

“In the future, I would like to face Nico Carrillo from Scotland. He is number one now. This is a serious opponent that no one calls out because he beats everyone. If we win against Suablack, we will call his name. My ambition is to fight the strongest guys that everyone is afraid of.” 

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