Fantasy Warfare: ONE Heroes Vs. Supervillains

The world-class martial artists competing in ONE Championship are always sharpening their skills to overcome tougher and tougher opposition in their respective quests of achieving greatness.

However, like the superheroes in the DC and Marvel Universes, their challenges never seem to end. In fact, the challenges only become increasingly more difficult.

For instance, just when it seems like Batman has finally defeated the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime returns with even more firepower. The same could be said for Thanos and Majin Buu.

With that in mind, six ONE heroes pick the supervillain they are most interested in meeting and break down how they would battle their respective foe inside the Circle.

Christian Lee

“I would [want to face] Thanos. He’s like the biggest, baddest, and strongest guy around, and you know, I only want to face the best.

“I think I would beat him up, take him down hard, and get the knockout win.”

Muangthai P.K.Saenchaimuaythaigym

“Most of the time, I like the villains in the movies, such as Loki in Thor and the Joker in Batman. But if I really have to choose to fight with one, I might think about Majin Buu from the Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball.

“He is the opponent of Vegeta, and I like Vegeta, so if I have the same power as Vegeta, I would fight Majin Buu. Otherwise, with my human power, I wouldn’t be able to win anyway.”

Bruno Pucci

“I feel the Joker will be a good set-up artist fighting inside the cage. Just to trick you, he will throw body kicks when it’s actually a head kick that’s coming your way. I would need to be careful of that.

“He enjoys the pain, so that makes any fight with him really interesting. Even if you ground and pound him, he will likely laugh it off, so I’m thinking maybe the only way to win is to really put him to sleep. I see the fight ending via choke submission because I don’t think the Joker will ever tap out to anything.”

Rodlek P.K.Saenchaimuaythaigym

“I would like to face Thanos from the movie Avengers. I think he is very tough and strong — it is very challenging to fight with someone who you know will be very a difficult opponent.  

“I will try my best to use my kicks, punches, and everything I can use to beat him. Even though I may not win against him, I could still get the experience to fight with a better opponent. But if I win, it would be a very proud moment for me, and I could say that I beat a giant.”

Amir Khan

“The Joker is unpredictable, so I guess that is the really fun part — not knowing what he’s going to do next.

“I think as a mixed martial artist, I focus on a lot of different things, so it makes me a well-rounded competitor. So in a match, I think I will be able to adapt to whatever the Joker does.”

Mohammed Bin Mahmoud

“It would be good to face Thanos because he’s the baddest guy out there, and when you face a villain like him, you’re always bound to learn something new. It’ll definitely be a good experience to face him in a martial arts bout.

“As seen in the movie, Thanos’ moves are very martial arts-like. If there’s one way I think I can defeat him, then it would probably be an elbow. But obviously, you cannot take Thanos down alone. Just going up against him in a fight would be a great experience and something you can learn from.”