5 Summer Sports That Benefit Every Martial Artist

Members of Team Lakay run on the track

As a dedicated martial artist, you want to spend every waking moment at the gym – we get it.

But there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional break to dabble in other sports, especially when those activities can also boost your martial arts training.

Here are five summer sports that can give you some serious benefits.

#1 Swimming

Swimming is a great way to boost your heart rate without putting your body under a lot of stress. And getting in the water benefits you in other ways, too.

If you’re into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for instance, you may find that swimming once or twice a week reduces the inflammation or joint pain you feel from drilling submissions.

Or, you can do what ONE Championship’s knockout king Amir Khan does ­– swim to focus on breathing.

#2 Basketball

Because you’re running up and down the court, basketball is great for building endurance, which in turn is great for martial arts.

Extra endurance helps you train at the gym for longer periods without succumbing to the effects of fatigue or discomfort.

That means being able to push through the last 50 rapid-fire kicks of a Muay Thai class, even if it feels like your body is being held up by two noodles.

#3 Soccer

If you prefer running on grass fields, then soccer might be your summer sport of choice.

You will get many of the same benefits that a basketball player does, with some extra agility training added in.

Using your footwork to outmaneuver a defender who’s trying to steal the ball will also make your footwork in martial arts more efficient.

And besides, as these ONE athletes will tell you, soccer and martial arts go hand in hand.

#4 Rock Climbing

Most of the benefits we’ve discussed so far relate to the body, but with rock climbing, you also develop a mind that’s keen on problem-solving.

Rock climbing involves extreme focus and split-second decision-making skills that allow you to move efficiently from crack to crevice.

This will come in handy when you’re rolling on the mats and must find a way out of your sparring partner’s crafty submission attempts.

#5 Biking

Last on our list is biking. This pastime can be done in many forms and is suitable for just about every type of martial artist.

Looking for adventure? Ride a mountain bike down a hill. Looking for something more chill? Ride a beach bike along the boardwalk. Looking for speed? Cruise the streets of your city on a road bike.

Whatever form you chose, celebrate your bike. Riding it will build power in your legs, which is great if you want to develop devastating kicks like those of “The Boxing Computer” Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex.

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