3 Reasons Why Training Martial Arts Will Make You A Better Partner

You might not equate martial arts with Valentine’s Day, but taking up a discipline could actually improve the special day for you and your significant other.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are three ways that martial arts can make you a better partner.

#1 Martial Arts Makes You More Laid Back

If you don’t have an outlet for the negative energy you take in each day, it’s eventually going to spill over into your personal life, which could affect your most important relationships.

Without a proper way to channel your stress, you’ll be on edge and more likely to argue over things that shouldn’t be major issues.

When you train martial arts, though, you release all of those negative feelings in constructive ways ­– through exercise, bag work, or better yet, pad work.

This means the next time you and your partner have to talk about something critical, you’ll be more likely to head into that conversation with a positive mindset.

ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s wife, Destiny, has already talked about her husband’s deflated ego, and there’s no doubt that attitude carries over to their relationship.

#2 Martial Arts Help You Become A Better Communicator

Let’s face it – most of us haven’t mastered the vital skills of interpersonal communication, which means we’re less likely to communicate effectively in our relationships.

But when studying martial arts, you may be forced to train and interact with people who are different than you, which will raise your emotional intelligence.

Elevating your emotional intelligence will make it easier to understand your partner’s wants and needs, and you’ll be more likely to effectively communicate your own desires – meaning it’s a win-win situation for both you and your partner.

And if both of you come out of a conversation feeling like you’ve won, you’ll both be more content.

#3 Martial Arts Makes You Happier

In order to be happy in life, you need something to look forward to. Because once things go stale, happiness deteriorates.

When you join a martial arts gym, you’ll have something to get excited about after a long and stressful day at work.

And when you train, you increase your serotonin and dopamine levels, which naturally increase your happiness.

These feelings will carry over into your relationship and make your significant other happy as well.

There’s no doubt that ONE Atomweight World Champion “Unstoppable” Angela Lee and her husband, Bruno “Puccibull” Pucci, keep themselves – and their relationship – happy through martial arts.

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