Tip Tuesday: Learn Kevin Belingon’s Spinning Back Kick

May 26, 2020

The spinning back kick is now synonymous with former ONE Bantamweight World Champion Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon.

The wushu stylist from Team Lakay earned one of the most memorable finishes in ONE Championship history when he used the technique to send Bali MMA’s Andrew Leone flying across the ring en route to a TKO victory at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR in April 2018.

However, that was not a random act. Belingon has utilized the powerful strike dozens of times in his amazing 18-bout career on the global stage, and he has shared his secrets with fans all across the world.

“[It] is my favorite kick. I’ve used this technique many times in my previous bouts, most notably against Andrew Leone,” the 30-year-old Benguet, Philippines resident says.

“First, I look at the target. Then I calculate the distance by throwing either a kick or a punch. Once I figure out the right distance, I throw the spinning back kick.”

There are a few targets for the strike to hit that can have the desired effect, but the liver and solar plexus are the most ideal destinations in an orthodox versus orthodox battle, as Belingon expertly displayed.

To land the spinning back kick, the Filipino steps his lead leg diagonally across his opponent’s lead leg to close the distance and create the right angle to attack the midsection.

A turn of the hips generates the power that drives through his right leg, as he straightens it out towards the target.

The best point of contact is the heel, which has the most solid structure and transfers the power most effectively. Unfortunately for Leone, he found that out the hard way.

Like anything, it takes years of practice to make it effective at the highest level of martial arts. After all, practice makes perfect.

“You can perfect the kick in the gym by repeatedly practicing it against pads or bags,” Belingon says. “You’ll eventually get the perfect spinning back kick through repetition.”

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