‘I Want Them To Become Heroes’ – Superbon Has Big Plans For His New Muay Thai Gym In Bangkok

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Superbon Singha Mawynn has reached the pinnacle of combat sports in his own career, and now, he wants to help others do the same through his new gym, Superbon Training Camp, in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Thai legend – who will challenge fellow megastar Tawanchai PK Saenchai for the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Title at ONE Friday Fights 46 on December 22 – has invested a lot into his new passion project, and he believes it will succeed by attracting burgeoning fighters from all over the world. 

As one of the greatest strikers of his generation who has become a truly global superstar, Superbon knows that his reputation will bring both newcomers and established athletes to train at the facility. 

He spoke to onefc.com ahead of his next appearance at Bangkok’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium:

“I’m glad that I finally have a place where I can pass on my knowledge and pass on the same opportunities I’ve had to a new generation, which includes foreigners and anyone who wants to learn Muay Thai. 

“I can meet with the fans who really want to see and learn from me. They see the value in me. And I can pass on my knowledge to people who really want it. 

“Luckily, my gym is located close to Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, too. With ONE’s hype, it makes a lot of people come to visit.” 

Unlike some gyms that use a big name as a marketing tool with no access to them, Superbon plans on being hands-on with the people who come through his door.  

The Thai is currently deep in preparation for his World Title challenge of Tawanchai, so he is relying on his elite team of trainers to do most of the teaching. 

But after his fight, he’ll be right there beside them as he looks to achieve big goals:

“I don’t need to juggle [my priorities]. I live at my gym 24-7 to train and teach. If I don’t have a fight camp, I will train my students myself. But when I have to prepare for a match, I will let other trainers take my place. We have many great trainers here, like trainer Gae, Singdam, Petchtanong, or even Nong-O if you’re lucky enough. 

“There is no doubt that our training will be intense with our skills and knowledge combined. So what else do you want? 

“I will try to grow my gym to the same level as PK Saenchai Muaythaigym or Fairtex. But it will take a while. Don’t forget, I just opened this gym five months ago. Those two gyms have been open for a decade. But now I will focus on my athletes’ development.” 

Welcoming Rising Stars And Big Names 

The strength of a gym is showcased through its active competitors, and Superbon believes he is already starting to make inroads with his growing stable.  

As a fighter, he’s earned his way to a prosperous life through his success in the ring, learning a lot about the world of martial arts along the way. 

He wants to make that route much easier for his up-and-comers, and with ONE Championship now changing the lives of competitors on a daily basis, that’s where he wants to guide those under his care:

“We have five or six promising talents in our gym. They fight in Bangkok and many local events. But I want to support them to get into ONE. That’s our ultimate goal.

“Because I got a chance from ONE, I want to pass it on to them, too. I want them to become heroes who can change their lives and the world.” 

As well as the next generation, Superbon also wants to provide a hub for elite athletes to collaborate and train together.

He has welcomed many iconic names to his fresh Bangkok facility, and he hopes that is something that will continue.  

Boasting recent visits from ONE superstars Nong-O Hama – who will also compete at ONE Friday Fights 46 – Takeru Segawa, and Mikey Musumeci, Superbon Training Camp has fast become the place to be, and its head man is honored at having his peers come to learn from him.  

Superbon added: 

“Nong-O told me he came to train here because he’s a Superbon fan. For Takeru, the reason he came to train at my camp is because, first, his old trainer is working with me now. Second, he saw that I was the owner of the gym, so he wanted to train with me. 

“Takeru has a spirit of never giving up. He was sparring with Nong-O, who was much bigger than him. Nong-O kicked him several times, but he didn’t give up. He fights with bushido heart. And he’s a quick learner, too. 

“I’m happy that Mikey came to visit my humble gym and trained with Nong-O. He is still wet behind the ears in Muay Thai, but he is a good learner. I think if he comes to practice often, he will learn Muay Thai very quickly.” 

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