Takeru 1200x1165

Takeru “The Natural Born Crusher” Segawa

Weight Limit
134.78 LBS / 61.14 KG
5'6" FT / 168 CM
32 Y
Team Vasileus

About Takeru Segawa

Like many kids, Takeru “The Natural Born Crusher” Segawa was a dreamer. But unlike others, he had to make his dream work.

Growing up with two sisters in Yonago City, Japan, Takeru would often watch professional wrestling with his dad whenever it came on the television set. However, he was enamored by a different sport entirely because of the rise of Japan’s K-1 promotion – kickboxing – and wanted to become one of the stars who competed on those events.

With few opportunities to practice kickboxing in his childhood, the Japanese athlete started his martial arts journey by learning karate in second grade. It became a part of his life, but it was merely a hobby for him at the time.

When Takeru entered high school, he initially wanted to become a childcare worker. Unfortunately, he spent a lot of time hanging out with friends who negatively influenced him. Soon, he was expelled, and his path to a professional career was shattered.

Though he was dejected, Takeru knew he was talented at martial arts and wanted to pursue it more deeply. Ultimately, he decided to focus on his first love – kickboxing – and it allowed him to break away from the negative influences that had surrounded him.

Takeru’s next move was a courageous one. The Japanese teenager worked multiple odd jobs so he could buy a plane ticket and relocate to Thailand by himself. There, he intimately studied the country’s national martial art, Muay Thai.

While training in the country, he realized it was possible to make a living through combat sports. That motivated him even more to pursue his original childhood dream.

“The Natural Born Crusher” would eventually dominate the amateur scene, and he carried that success over to the professional ranks. And finally, in 2014, he made it to K-1.

Takeru enjoyed an unbeaten seven-year run in the Japanese promotion, where he became a three-division Kickboxing World Champion and defeated the best athletes each weight class had to offer. That ultimately paved the way to join ONE Championship, where he is now ready to take on the planet’s greatest strikers.

The Japanese superstar’s life has gone full circle, as he now takes part in charities to help the youth. His latest effort saw him don the legendary Tiger Mask to help a donation drive to construct a school in Vietnam, as well as a school canteen in Japan.

Despite being backed into a corner with only one path available for him, Takeru’s passion and dedication helped him make his dream work. And now, as he continues to fight the world’s best athletes, “The Natural Born Crusher” hopes a new generation will follow his lead.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Unanimous Decision UD
R5 (3:00)
Unanimous Decision
R5 (3:00)
R5 (3:00) Superlek_Kiatmoo9 avatar 500x345 1
Superlek Kiatmoo9
Thailand Jan 28, 2024
ONE 165: Superlek vs. Takeru
Jan 28, 2024

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