Five Reasons Shinya Aoki And Garry Tonon’s Grappling Special Could Steal The Show

There may be a pair of explosive main event title bouts taking centerstage at ONE: DYNASTY OF HEROES, but the world will get an additional special treat, as former ONE Lightweight World Champion Shinya “Tobikan Judan” Aoki, battles Garry “The Lion Killer” Tonon in a Grappling Super-Match.

Both martial artists are well known for their submission prowess in their respective fields of competition. Aoki has made a name for himself as a grand master of submissions competing in mixed martial arts, whereas Tonon has been racking up title after title in international Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments.

On Friday, 26 May, these two highly decorated and regarded martial artists will meet to see who exactly is the more elite grappler. If that wasn’t enough reason to catch this historic bout – a first for ONE Championship – here are five reasons their showdown could very well steal the show in Singapore.

#1 Both Men Are Incredibly Motivated To Win

Garry Tonon has been mixing up his training to include preparation for mixed martial arts competition. What better way to gauge how his BJJ skills compare to the best in the sport, than a match against one of the finest grapplers in its history, Shinya Aoki?

For his part, the Japanese legend has openly expressed a desire to compete against Tonon in submission grappling for almost a year. Despite their major accomplishments in their respective spheres of influence, both athletes will undoubtedly be out to prove something against one another at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

#2 They Will Have Plenty Of Time For Experimentation

When you pit two incredible submission masters such as Tonon and Aoki against each other, and free them from the normal constraints of relatively-short mixed martial arts rounds, you stand to see lots more action, tactical gamesmanship, and creativity with holds.

That is exactly what we will have in this historic match, where both men will have 15 full minutes to try and establish dominance over the other.

#3 Double The Aggression Is Expected

As intelligent as both men are, they are also renown for their aggressiveness. Neither Tonon nor Aoki play for points, and each always goes for the finish without remorse. More often than not, fans have watched them compete against far more conservative opposition. This time out, however, two raging storms will be colliding with one another at full force.

#4 Aoki Is Determined To Get Back On Track

The last time Aoki competed, he lost his ONE Lightweight World Championship to Eduard Folayang at ONE: DEFENDING HONOR in November. There is little doubt the ruthless competitor is eager to get the taste of defeat out of his mouth, and he will look to do so against Tonon.

Aoki looks at himself during competition as a survivor, and fights with all the desperation expected from someone in that position. The legend fights well when he is desperate, and he will likely let it all go against Tonon.

#5 It’s A Chance To Scout Tonon’s Future In Mixed Martial Arts

If Tonon ever does make a transition to mixed martial arts, as he has been teasing, this could be many fans’ first real glimpse at his skills. By watching Tonon lock up with Aoki, fans may be also witnessing his first real, public steps towards a move into the sport.

If Tonon were to become a mixed martial arts champion in future, everyone watching ONE: DYNASTY OF HEROES on Friday, 26 May, would be able to brag about how they watched “The Lion Killer” do his thing before the rest of the world did.