Banma Vs. Dejdamrong: 4 Keys To Victory At ONE: BATTLEGROUND III

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke goes forward with the jab

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke and “The Prince” Banma Duoji are both deadly finishers, so fans should expect fireworks when they square off in the co-main event at ONE: BATTLEGROUND III.

The 57.7-kilogram catchweight tilt, which will air from the Singapore Indoor Stadium this Friday, 27 August, pits two aggressive strawweight strikers against one another, but both men can also end the fight in any range.

That will make for an action-packed tussle between a rising phenom and an established legend. Here are their keys to victory in “The Lion City.”

#1 Banma Staying Patient From Distance

At 173 centimeters, the 24-year-old Banma will enjoy significant height and reach advantages over the 160-centimeter Dejdamrong, and he’ll have to use both assets if he doesn’t want to stand and trade with the Muay Thai legend.

“The Prince” can keep his rival at bay with long, assertive jabs. And if he keeps moving, he can bide his time to wait for an opening to score with his concussive straight left from the outside.

Dejdamrong’s chin is not infallible — as recent KO losses to Miao Li Tao and Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado suggest — and, at 42, his reflexes may not be what they once were. Banma’s patience will be a virtue if he can wait for the right opening to lunge in and tag his rival whenever the guard is out of position.

With 12 knockouts among his 13 career wins, the Chinese athlete clearly has the power to get things done, but against such a savvy striker and a former ONE Strawweight World Champion in Dejdamrong, he will need to stay disciplined in his approach.

#2 Dejdamrong’s Low Kicks

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke defeats Muhammad Imran at ONE EDGE OF GREATNESS DW VID_1433 1.jpg

If Dejdamrong finds himself stuck on the end of his opponent’s reach, the best way for him to accumulate damage from there is to attack Banma’s legs with hard low kicks.

“The Prince” tends to have a wide stance that makes it harder to raise his legs to block attacks aimed at his lower limbs.

With checks less likely, the Thai icon can try to tenderize his rival’s legs to slow down his movement and take away some of the explosive base for his power strikes.

The man from the Tibet Autonomous Region is also a southpaw, which means Dejdamrong cannot strike with his right low kick to the lead leg as easily, but “Kru Rong” is experienced enough to find the right target with an inside low kick on Banma’s rear leg.

#3 Banma’s Aggressive Ground-And-Pound

Banma has the back catalog to justify being confident in stand-up exchanges with anybody, though it might be wise to take away his veteran opponent’s biggest threat by bringing things to the ground.

The Enbo Gedou athlete’s striking aggression continues when he is on the canvas, so he could ride that potential route to success over the decorated nak muay.

However, “The Prince” is not known for his wrestling and will have to find a way to drag Dejdamrong down there. This could come off his foe’s kicks, using a rush forward to capitalize on the Thai’s compromised balance when he commits to the strike.

If Banma can topple the Evolve star, his long arms will give him plenty of opportunities to drill hard punches down from the top, and he is relentless when he senses any vulnerability.

#4 Dejdamrong’s Devastating Short Strikes

Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke defeats Muhammad Imran at ONE EDGE OF GREATNESS DW VID_1344.jpg

Having to stay out of his opponent’s range could make this a long night for Dejdamrong – as could being stuck on his back – but if Banma tries to close the distance and fails to take his man down, the legend could thrive in close quarters.

The former strawweight king is a clinch expert who utilizes scything elbows and hurtful knees when he has his rival tied up.

Dejdamrong has dispatched many challengers with his punishing close-range knee strikes to the body, which will also help him negate the huge reach of his Chinese foe.

This will lead to another tense battle for dominance, with both men having tools from far out and up close.

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