4 Valentine’s Day Tips From ONE’s Female Superstars

Malaysian mixed martial artist Jihin Radzuan is introduced to the crowd

Today, 14 February, is the most romantic day of the year, as Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world. People all across the globe spend the festive day treating their partners to special dates to reaffirm their love.

While our ONE Championship athletes may be dedicated to their training and development as martial artists, they also have lives away from the cage. And love, of course, plays a major part.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day here at The Home Of Martial Arts, three of the promotion’s female superstars — Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan, Audreylaura “Ice Comet” Boniface, and Sovannahry Em — have dispensed some valuable advice on how to make your Valentine’s date a successful one.

1# How To Impress Your Valentine


Jihin and Boniface’s most valuable piece of advice for anyone looking to impress their Valentine’s date is a really simple one to follow.

“Just be yourself,” Jihin says.

“Don’t try too hard to impress. If you are faking it or trying to be someone else, it’s just going to get harder for you during the following dates.”

Boniface echoes that sentiment.

“Be totally you because, at the end of the day, they should accept you for who you truly are,” she adds.

#2 Creating The Perfect Date

AudreyLaura Boniface WhatsApp Image 2017 03 02 at 14.59.06.jpeg

Sometimes, what to do for your date is the most stressful part of all. However, it is quite important, and “Shadow Cat” believes the best thing to do is to have a specific idea in mind.

“Make a plan,” the 20-year-old Malaysian says.

“Don’t just say you’ll do ‘anything,’ because if she asks what you want to eat or do, she might not be cool with the answer of ‘anything.'”

Also, if you are worried about what to say during a conversation, then do a little online research. It can go a long way to making the evening go smoother.

“You might want to Google-up a few lists of jokes or puns to make it a fun date,” Boniface suggests. “Also, first impressions are important. Maybe try to impress your date with some chocolates if they like it or, for a girl, try red lipstick to make a statement.”

#3 Mistakes To Avoid


While the three ONE superstars all had valuable advice, Jihin also had some words of warning and some key things to avoid.

“Do not put on too much perfume. You might suffocate your date,” she says with a laugh.

“Also, do not keep updating social media about your date — show your interest to him or her, not social media.

“Instead, give them a chance to share their passion, hobbies, and habits during a conversation.”

#4 The Secret Ingredient

As the old adage goes, “the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.” According to Boniface, that adage is especially true in having a successful Valentine’s date.

“The most important thing is nice food,” the 29-year-old Malaysian says.

“Girls love when you show your efforts, so plan out something nice for the both of you, and she will really appreciate it and probably let you ask her out on a second date.”

Em agrees entirely.

“There always has to be good food,” she says. “Maybe explore a new city together, or maybe a new restaurant.”

The 26-year-old Cambodian-American also reveals that her ideal date would have to feature one of her two favorite pleasures in life.

“I guess it would involve cooking something different or coming up with a new fight technique,” she mentions. “So, either food or fighting.”

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