10 Of Shannon Wiratchai’s Best Cosplays Ever

Thai mixed martial arts superstar Shannon Wiratchai cosplays as Aladdin

Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai is one of the most entertaining athletes in ONE Championship – both inside and outside the Circle.

Inspired by his childhood passion for professional wrestling, the charismatic Thai superstar has paired exciting cosplay entrances with his unique martial arts style, and that has earned him legions of fans all around the world.

The 31-year-old Bangkok native also likes to dress up in his downtime, too, and he is always looking to spread happiness with his fun-loving personality.

Here are 10 of Wiratchai’s best cosplays yet.


Shannon Wiratchai 08_01 DW_2085.jpg

Wiratchai may not be an Arabian street urchin, but the genie made his wish come true when he scored a first-round KO over Richard Corminal at ONE: WARRIOR KINGDOM in March 2017.

One-Punch Man

With his concussive power and accurate striking, Wiratchai’s record shows that he could be the real-life One-Punch Man.

Iron Man

Shannon Wiratchai DC 4547.jpg

One was an ingenious scientist, and the other an ingenious mixed martial artist. But unlike Iron Man, “OneShin” goes into battle with just his wits and his 4-ounce gloves.


Vegeta is one of Dragon Ball‘s most iconic characters, and like Wiratchai, his dedication to his craft helped him to become a fearsome warrior.

Ash Ketchum

Shannon Wiratchai IMG_7598.jpg

The Tiger Muay Thai representative walked out as Pokemon‘s Ash Ketchum when he faced Peter Davis at ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS, and his job was to catch all of the contenders in the lightweight division.

Anakin Skywalker

Wiratchai posed as “the hero with no fear” from Star Wars for a fancy dress party, but his résumé shows that he lives by that moniker inside the Circle, too.


Thai mixed martial artist Rika Ishige acts as Chun Li and Shannon Wiratchai acts as Ryu

In this walkout with fellow Thai star, Rika “Tiny Doll” Ishige, Wiratchai dressed up as Street Fighter‘s Ryu. Ryu himself was based on a martial arts master, so the pair have something in common.

Bruce Lee

There are not many athletes on the roster who are not huge Bruce Lee fans, and “OneShin” took inspiration from the iconic Game Of Death outfit for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi.

The Flash

Wiratchai’s coach suggested he might be a bit flashy in sparring, so the Bangkok native responded in the only way he knows how – by dressing up.

Mr. Incredible

Shannon Wiratchai DC 9762.jpg

The abs might not be real, but like Mr. Incredible, the Thai’s strength and particularly attuned senses offer him some serious advantages in combat.

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