3 Reasons To Be Excited For Shannon Wiratchai’s Return At ONE Friday Fights 3

Thai mixed martial arts pioneer Shannone “OneShin” Wiratchai

Shannon Wiratchai is back in action at ONE Friday Fights 3 on February 3, and he’ll be aiming to deliver another memorable performance in front of his hometown fans in Bangkok, Thailand.

Known as “OneShin,” the striking specialist is a longtime favorite in ONE Championship, and he’ll return in a featherweight mixed martial arts clash against Iranian athlete Poriya Golpour.

Put simply, the Thai MMA pioneer is guaranteed entertainment every time he competes.

But for those unfamiliar with his work, here are three reasons to be excited about Wiratchai’s appearance at the famed Lumpinee Boxing Stadium this week.

#1 His Entrances Are Epic

Wiratchai usually starts his show before the opening bell rings.

The 34-year-old loves the showmanship of professional wrestling and doesn’t take himself too seriously, which allows him to explore different ideas to ramp up the crowd with his ring walks.

Those entrances have included everything from Pokemon to Iron Man – and plenty of ground in between – so it’s never easy to predict what might come next.

Audiences can always look forward to something more than a stern face and laser focus when “OneShin” makes the journey to the battlefield.

#2 He Delivers Huge Knockouts

While Wiratchai keeps it light-hearted on his way to the ring or Circle, he’s all business once the action begins – and he’s become known for highlight-reel knockouts.

The southpaw striker owns big power in both hands and can finish with his lower limbs, too. This versatility has led him to five KOs in eight ONE Championship victories. 

Whether it’s a one-shot finish or an accumulation of damage, “OneShin” has many ways of getting the job done inside the distance.

#3 His Style Is Unique

While most of his compatriots come from a Muay Thai background, Wiratchai started his martial arts journey in judo before moving into various striking disciplines.

He learned kung fu, Chinese internal martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing – and then blended them into his all-around game for MMA.

Essentially, Wiratchai has taken Bruce Lee’s ethos: “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.”

This means the Bangkok native’s stand-up repertoire looks nothing like that of his peers, and he calls it the “OneShin Striking System.”

The main thing is that it’s effective. And combined with his study of BJJ and wrestling, Wiratchai has sought to become the most complete fighter possible.

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