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“The Demolition Man” Tang De Pan

Weight Limit
145.06 LBS / 65.8 KG
5'3" FT / 162 CM
32 Y
Hunan Provincial Sanda Team

About Tang De Pan

Status: Former ONE Athlete


Tang De Pan is from Yongzhou, in the Hunan province of China. He began training in combat sports in 2011 because he loved the fun and excitement of competing in martial arts, and has never stopped honing his growing skill set since.

Inevitably, his attention turned to cage, which Tang sees as the ultimate testing ground for a martial artist. Determined to challenge himself on the greatest stage possible, he aims to see how well he matches up against the best martial artists in the world in ONE Championship, and prove the effectiveness of sanda against other styles and disciplines.

Citing Jet Li as his personal hero, Tang says he was inspired by how the movie star evolved his martial arts skills to the very highest level, and seeks to emulate his hero’s success on a global scale. He took the first step toward his goal at ONE: DYNASTY OF CHAMPIONS (CHANGSHA) upon his promotional debut, knocking out fellow countryman Zhou Biao via a spectacular highlight-reel slam.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Submission SUB
R1 (1:19)
R1 (1:19)
R1 (1:19) Radeem_Rahman avatar 500x345 1
Radeem Rahman
Grit & Glory
May 12, 2018
Singapore May 12, 2018
Grit & Glory
May 12, 2018
Unanimous Decision UD
Unanimous Decision
R3 Asraful_Islam avatar 500x345 1
Asraful Islam
Bangladesh Dec 9, 2017
Warriors Of The World
Dec 9, 2017
Knockout KO
R1 (0:59)
R1 (0:59)
R1 (0:59) Generic male avatar 500x345 3
Zhou Biao
China Jan 23, 2016
Dynasty Of Champions (Changsha)
Jan 23, 2016

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