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Kyal Linn Aung

Weight Limit
169.98 LBS / 77.1 KG
5'4" FT / 165 CM
39 Y
Taung Ka Lay

About Kyal Linn Aung

Status: Former ONE Athlete


A Lethwei National Champion in Myanmar’s foremost striking, Kyal Linn Aung is a combat sport veteran with over 150 bouts to his name, ensuring a wealth of combat sport experience that is matched by few in ONE Championship.

Growing up, Kyal endured a difficult childhood, fighting to make ends meet in impoverished circumstances. Forced to drop out of school at just 7 years of age, he worked as a farmer in his village before discovering lethwei.

That was a decision that soon changed his life, as he embarked on a highly successful professional career that saw him win the illustrious Gold Belt national championship in Lethwei not once, but twice. Kyal strives to represent Myanmar well on the world stage, and he got off to a perfect start with a successful ONE Championship debut.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Submission SUB
R1 (2:17)
R1 (2:17)
R1 (2:17) Shannon_Wiratchai avatar 500x345 1
Shannon Wiratchai
Thailand May 27, 2016
Kingdom Of Champions
May 27, 2016
Unanimous Decision UD
R3 (5:00)
Unanimous Decision
R3 (5:00)
R3 (5:00) generic_male avatar
Thway Thit Aung
Myanmar [Burma]
Union Of Warriors
Mar 18, 2016
Myanmar [Burma] Mar 18, 2016
Union Of Warriors
Mar 18, 2016

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