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Fu Chang Xin

Weight Limit
145.06 LBS / 65.8 KG
5'10" FT / 178 CM
31 Y
Longyun MMA

About Fu Chang Xin

Status: Former ONE Athlete


CKF Champion Fu Chang Xin did not have the best start in life, having grown up in poverty-stricken circumstances. However, he would forge a better future for himself through martial arts after being inspired by Bruce Lee as a youth. Fu began training extensively in wrestling to expand on his growing skill set, and he would prove his immense talent by winning a Beijing championship in the sport.

Driven by his success in wrestling, Fu began training to compete in mixed martial arts in 2011 and made his professional debut just three years later. He has since experienced great success, winning the majority of his bouts via stoppage to claim the CKF Championship along the way.

What sets Fu apart from other Chinese mixed martial artists is that he has already competed abroad several times in his young career. After bringing an impressive win streak into his ONE Championship debut, Fu knows he has finally reached the grandest stage of all to showcase his skills, and he is determined to seize his chance to achieve international glory.

ONE Championship Records

Event Results

Result Method Round Method and round Opponent Opponent and event Country Date Event
Submission SUB
R1 (3:03)
R1 (3:03)
R1 (3:03) Leandro_Issa avatar 500x345
Leandro Issa
Roots Of Honor
Apr 12, 2019
Brazil Apr 12, 2019
Roots Of Honor
Apr 12, 2019
Submission SUB
R2 (3:04)
R2 (3:04)
R2 (3:04) Rin_Saroth avatar 500x345
Rin Saroth
Cambodia Oct 6, 2018
Kingdom of Heroes
Oct 6, 2018
R1 (4:32)
R1 (4:32)
R1 (4:32) Rustem_Yensebayev avatar
Rustem Yensebayev
Kazakhstan Jul 7, 2018
Battle For The Heavens
Jul 7, 2018

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