Football And Plant-Based Meats: ‘Apprentice’ Episode 4 Recap

John Wolcott | Apr 9, 2021 |

Team Conquest continued their winning ways and two more global candidates went home on Episode 4 of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition.”

In case you missed all the excitement and drama, here’s a full recap of what went down.

‘Super’ Bubble Soccer

The 13 remaining candidates were introduced to Karate World Champion and current ONE lightweight star “Super” Sage Northcutt, who delivered this week’s physical challenge – bubble soccer at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa.

Before the game kicked off, Northcutt told the teams how important mindset is when it comes to competition, but that life lesson could easily be applied to the boardroom as well.

The rules of the bubble soccer game were simple: the team to score the most goals in 10 minutes of play would be the winner.

Niraj Puran Rao, who had played professional soccer in India, jumped with excitement when he found out about the challenge. Of course, his opponents on Team Valor were very aware of that fact, so they covered him tightly throughout the match.

However, all that attention on Niraj allowed his teammate Joy Koh to score the only goal of the game, which meant Team Conquest won a physical challenge for the first time this season.

Would they be able to carry that positive momentum into the boardroom?

TiffinLabs’ TiNDLE Menus

After the physical challenge, the two groups met ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong and Co-Advisor Niharika Singh for their next business challenge.

The global candidates were tasked with creating a Korean-Western fusion brand and a corresponding food menu with the help of the chefs at TiffinLabs. Also, the teams were privileged to use TiNDLE, a plant-based meat alternative, in the dishes.

But right before the challenge was about to begin – and much to the relief of Monica Millington – Chatri told Clinton Tudor that he was moving to Team Conquest and Eugene Chung that he was switching to Team Valor.

Surprisingly, both teams accepted their new members with open arms and went straight to work on their brands and menus.

This time around, Kexin Xe led Team Conquest as the Project Manager, and Irina Chadsey acted as Project Manager for Team Valor.

The Swing And The Pitch

Both teams used their resources wisely and worked hard to craft the perfect plans.

Team Valor appeared to have a slight advantage because Eugene is Korean-American and has a strong understanding of what the food should taste like.

However, Monica, Irina, and Teirra Kamolvattanavith kept bumping heads on their brand’s logo design, which held Team Valor up during the planning stages.

Not everything ran smoothly for Team Conquest, either. Nazee Sajedi, Kexin, and Joy had trouble deciding who would create the pitch deck, and they wound up hastily putting one together in the final moments of their production stage.

When it was time to pitch, Team Valor’s creative presentation won over Chatri, Niharika, and guest CEO Kishin RK. Louie Sangalang and Eugene served the three judges their TiNDLE menu, before Teirra, Monica, and Sho Takei presented the two food items – “The Breakfast Cluck” and “The Super Pulled Chick.”

On the other hand, Team Conquest’s presentation didn’t match the song and dance of its rival, but with menu names like “Taco Dirty To Me” and “Mandu De La Kasa,” it didn’t have to. Moreover, their branding and menu won over Chatri, Niharika, and Kishin, even though the three admitted the packaging was a little too extreme.

After eating up the food and presentations, Chatri and Niharika called the two groups into the boardroom.

The Boardroom

In the boardroom, the ONE Chairman and CEO warned both teams that there would be an elimination that day and then began to offer feedback along with Niharika.

The pair first turned their attention to Team Valor, who praised their newly acquired candidate, Eugene. For his part, Eugene also expressed his happiness with being on the team, saying it was the most fun he’d had on the show so far.

Monica, however, was criticized for her presentation. Chatri had not asked the group to come up with an execution plan, but that is where she’d spent most of her time.

Chatri also expressed his disapproval of Teirra’s presentation because she had fumbled through certain parts.

With that, the ONE Chairman and CEO addressed Team Conquest, who felt that Clinton didn’t help Niraj in the beginning stages. Niraj came to Clinton’s rescue, though, telling Chatri that the New Zealander had a lot of good ideas but needed help taking action on them.

Kexin criticized Joy and Nazee for not helping with the pitch deck. And when Jessica Ramella chimed in to say how she handled it, Chatri praised her efforts for stepping up to take charge.

With the feedback finished, Chatri declared Team Conquest the winners. That meant Irina was headed to the chopping block, and she brought Teirra and Sho with her.

Deliberation And Chopping Block

Before calling the Team Valor members back to the boardroom, Chatri and Niharika talked about who they thought should stay and who should go.

They liked the way Irina handled herself as a leader, but they didn’t have the same feelings for Teirra and Sho, who they felt were too laid back and doing just enough not to lose.

At that point, the trio were called into the boardroom and sat down face-to-face with Chatri and Niharika. The ONE Chairman and CEO asked the candidates why they wanted to be on the show.

Teirra said she wanted to create a non-fiction media company and hoped to learn under Chatri. Sho said he wanted more challenges. Lastly, Irina told her story about having to decide between an ailing family member and work – and picking the latter, only to regret it later.

Having soaked up the pleas, Chatri addressed Teirra first.

“You’re not the one,” he said, before turning to another candidate.

“Sho, you’re also not the one.”

Tune in to AXN on Thursday, 15 April, to catch all the ups and downs on Episode 5 of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition.”

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