The Best Submissions Of 2016 #1: Jenny Huang’s Gogoplata

There will be no better example of the level of grappling Asian fighters have reached over the past few years than Jenny Huang’s technical display of Brazilian jiu-jitsu mastery.

The 25-year-old female atomweight standout from Chinese Taipei wowed fans with an extremely rare and difficult submission that left some bewildered and others in awe.

Huang took on Filipino contender April Osenio in front of her hometown crowd, and came back from being completely overwhelmed by the local star to impressing with the first-ever gogoplata submission in ONE Championship history at ONE: AGE OF DOMINATION.

The gogoplata is rarely seen in MMA as it is very difficult to execute. It is a head and foot choke executed from the rubber guard where the legs are held very high against an opponent’s upper back. The shin bone is then swiftly inserted underneath an opponent’s chin, and the head pulled down to apply pressure.

MMA fighters in history such as Ryusuke Uemura and Brad Imes have successfully executed the gogoplata, but the most notable use of the technique was when Nick Diaz defeated Takanori Gomi with it in 2007. Now, we can add Jenny Huang to this illustrious list.

Huang pulled this move off beautifully against Osenio. The Team Lakay stalwart just didn’t have enough grappling experience to recognize the gogoplata was coming, and as a result, it ended up being the top submission in ONE Championship in 2016.