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Dejdamrong IMG_4228
Martin Nguyen IMG_9958
Bibiano Fernandes Macau Fight 3 14 2
Christian Lee VII_1270 e1520612588894
Reece McLaren KLDC9674
Christian Lee KLDC9037
Jihin "Shadowcat" Radzuan celebrates her win against Puja Tomar
Reece McLaren VID_0553 e1520618607927
Agilan Thani KLDC9513
Christian Lee VII_1270 e1520612588894
Danny Kingad KLDC8519
Luis Santos KLDC8085
Michelle Nicolini KLDC7826
Chinese hero Ma Jia Wen locks in a rear-naked choke, but applies pressure on the jaw
Malaysian sensation Muhammad Aiman punches Rin Saroth
Malaysian mixed martial artist Jihin Radzuan secures a triangle choke on Puja Tomar
Khon Sichan IMG_6062
Reece McLaren Manila Fights 99
Agilan Thani ADUX7167
Reece McLaren ADUX7671
Christian Lee IMG_7251
Agilan Thani JL1_2361
Christian Lee SGDC2210
Danny Kingad e 7051
Christian Lee IMG_0253
Agilan Thani IMG_1069e
Muhammed Aiman untitled 743
Christian Lee IMG_7960
Christian Lee JL1_2968
Christian Lee IMG_1867
Agilan Thani CTT_0300
Muhammad Aiman IMG_2625
Gianni Subba DA_KL_UW7 2822
Agilan Thani web 9989
Bozhena Antoniyar SGDC2623
Ev Ting SGDC4361

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