Superbon Confident For Petrosyan Clash: ‘I Have No Weaknesses’

Thai kickboxer Superbon whips a kick at Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong's body

Superbon has already won many prestigious championships in his illustrious martial arts career, but he can make history by defeating the kickboxing GOAT and claiming the richest prize in the sport on Friday, 15 October.

That evening, the Thai superstar will challenge Armenian-Italian legend Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan for the inaugural ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title at ONE: FIRST STRIKE, which broadcasts live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Petrosyan – currently the #1-ranked featherweight kickboxer – has been nearly flawless in his career, cutting through the opposition with surgical precision and compiling an astonishing record of 104-2-2 (2 NC). Along the way, he’s claimed multiple World Titles and the 2019 ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix Championship.

But while Petrosyan seems like an unstoppable force, #2-ranked Superbon believes he can make the icon appear mortal. The Bangkok native owns an impressive 111-34 career record, is riding a 10-fight winning streak, and thinks his diverse combat sports background will make the difference in this main event showdown.

Ahead of his epic World Title clash against Petrosyan, Superbon talks about his training camp, breaks down his legendary rival, and explains why he can topple “The Doctor.”

ONE Championship: You’re fighting Giorgio Petrosyan for the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Title. Where have you been training, and what’s your camp been like?

Superbon: Due to the severe COVID-19 situation in Bangkok, I moved my training to Khun Suek Muay Thai Gym in southern Thailand. This gym is big and up to par with those in the capital city. 

My trainer is still the same old “Trainer Gae,” a former Muay Thai fighter. Also, I have two former Muay Thai champions, Sarawut Lukbanyai and Petcheak Sor Suwanbhakti, to help me with my movement. So, my training is going well and without any problems.

Usually, my training program is divided into two sessions. In the morning, I do running and working out. In the afternoon, I do sparring, fitness, and I practice to improve all of my skills with my fists, feet, knees, and elbows. And sometimes, I go out to train on the beach to get good vibes in nature.

ONE: What are your thoughts about Petrosyan, and what have you noticed about his fighting style?

Superbon: After I studied Petrosyan’s previous fights, I found that he couldn’t take knees so well. 

For his strength, he has deadly punches and fast strikes. His danger lies in his striking techniques. He can land punches, and he kicks with incredible power and precision. He is a very strong fighter. However, I will counteract him by making a move first and attacking him whenever I see a chance.

ONE: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

Superbon: I think I have no weaknesses. My strength is that I am a well-rounded fighter. Also, with my Muay Thai background, can adapt my versatile Muay Thai skills to kickboxing. And, I’ve been through more experiences than him.

ONE: What do you think Petrosyan’s game plan will be?

Superbon: He is likely to press forward to attack me, using his long-range weapons like kicks and straight punches. He will definitely avoid clinching with me.

ONE: How do you plan to respond?

Superbon: I will consistently press forward and keep striking to get a clean hit. If we have a chance to trade blows, I will not hesitate to do so. This fight will be a great test of our wits and tactics.

ONE: Do you have any special tricks prepared for “The Doctor”?

Superbon: That’s a secret. Let’s wait and see what I do in the Circle. But one thing I can say is that training amidst the beautiful nature in Krabi beach really helps boost my energy. It’s good for the mind as well.

Superbon whips a head kick at Sitthichai

ONE: Lastly, how do you think this fight will end? What’s your prediction?

Superbon: It’s hard to predict how the game will turn out, and it’s hard to knock him out because he is a high-level fighter. Also, we both will do everything to hide our flaws so we don’t get knocked out. I think each of us will likely outscore the other round by round and end up with a decision.

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