Rambolek Ends Sen’s Run, Avatar Scores Fourth Win In A Row With Late KO At ONE Friday Fights 51

Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon Soner Sen ONE Friday Fights 51 12

ONE Championship returned to Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, February 9, and delivered another unforgettable night of martial arts.

ONE Friday Fights 51 aired live in Asia primetime and featured a dynamic mix of MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai across its 12-fight card.

Fans witnessed the emergence of young stars, the continuation of win streaks, and a series of fiercely competitive bouts, including a final-second knockout victory.

In case you missed any of the action, here’s what went down in the fighting capital of the East.

Rambolek Gets Back On Track With Win Over Sen

Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon Soner Sen ONE Friday Fights 51 23

Rambolek Chor Ajalaboon came out victorious in a clash of styles with Soner “Golden Boy” Sen in the night’s main event. 

The 20-year-old kept Sen at bay with his teeps in the opening stanza of the bantamweight Muay Thai brawl, maintaining the distance to smash powerful right kicks into his foe’s body and legs.  

“Golden Boy” worked with his hands and stepped in with hard combinations, but Rambolek timed his kicks to intercept the aggression.  

Sen did manage to land some leather on the Kiatpet man as the bout wore on, but the Thai star’s long-range leg strikes and effective clinch work kept him ahead through rounds two and three. 

After nine hard-fought minutes, Rambolek earned the unanimous decision to get back to winning ways and push his record to 63-14-3. 

Jarvis Outpoints Al Tekreeti In War Of Attrition

George Jarvis Mustafa Al Tekreeti ONE Friday Fights 51 8

George “G-Unit” Jarvis dug deep to escape to score a split-decision victory over Mustafa Al Tekreeti in their lightweight Muay Thai tilt.

After feeling each other out in round one, both fighters picked up the pace in the second frame.

Al Tekreeti set up his offense with chopping leg kicks followed by textbook one-two combos. But Jarvis stayed patient and composed then retaliated with body blows in the clinch.

With the match at a stalemate going into the final round, “G-Unit” knew he had to empty the gas tank to secure the W.

The 23-year-old Brit let his hands go when the bell rang and found openings in Al Tekreeti’s guard. He then got up close to his Iraqi foe and secured the upper hand, which was enough to convince the judges.

The split-decision win was Jarvis’ first in ONE, and it improved his overall record to 24-4.

Wanpadej Scores Last-Second KO Against Petphadan

Petphadan Jitmuangnon was a blink away from victory in his 129-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout with Wanpadej Looksuan, but his Thai-Vietnamese foe dramatically flipped the script at the last breath.

The first round was an explosive display of toughness, as both men tested each other’s resilience and showed their chins were as tough as granite. Petphadan landed several solid right hands, but Wanpadej remained unshaken and shot back with his own arsenal of right hands and uppercuts.

The striking frenzy escalated in the second frame, with Petphadan scoring a significant knockdown thanks to two overhand rights.

Because of that, Wanpadej knew he needed something extraordinary in the final frame. And at the last second of the bout, the 21-year-old connected with a crushing overhand right that put Petphadan’s light out.

Wanpadej was handed the debut win at 2:59 of round three to push his record to 61-10-1.

Zolfaghari Edges Out Petnamkhong In Three-Round Thriller

Peyman Zolfaghari Petnamkhong Mongkolpet ONE Friday Fights 51 30

Peyman Zolfaghari managed to overcome Petnamkhong Mongkolpet in a captivating 122-pound catchweight Muay Thai matchup.

Petnamkhong kicked things off in style by delivering a staggering right shot that momentarily unsettled his Iranian opponent. But Zolfaghari quickly regained his footing and responded with a solid one-two just before the end of the first frame.

Zolfaghari then took the initiative in round two, countering his foe’s low kicks to his lead leg with more effective punch combinations.

The final round saw the Team Mehdi Zatout star’s momentum grow as he paired his hand strikes with knees in the clinch.

That consistent pressure convinced the judges to hand Zolfaghari the unanimous victory in the end, which improved his professional slate to 27-3.

Punmongkol Shows Insane Durability In Close Win Over Jomjai

Punmongkol Sor Mongkolkarnchang Jomjai Naksugym ONE Friday Fights 51 32

Sparks were bound to fly when Thai wrecking balls Jomjai Naksugym and Punmongkol Sor Mongkolkarnchang took to the ring in a 124-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout, and it was a tight affair right to the end.

Jomjai started the bout in flying form, using his blistering speed to land slick punches and kicks. But his veteran foe eventually found his rhythm and began landing damaging elbows to even up the odds.

The second stanza saw more of the same, with both warriors getting their licks in. Jomjai’s stiff jabs and leg kicks looked to take on Punmongkol, though, who visibly slowed as the frame progressed.

But the bloodied 28-year-old came roaring back in round three, and he pushed forward with everything he had to score big with crushing knees to the body.

It was a tough call for the judges when the final bell rang, but they deemed Punmongkol more worthy of the win, and he claimed the 102nd win of his decorated career via split decision.

Junior Continues Hot Streak With Win Over Chang

Junior Fairtex extended her ONE Friday Fights win streak to four with a dominant victory over Angela Chang in atomweight Muay Thai action. 

The 18-year-old Thai phenom bloodied her rival’s face with accurate punches and scything elbows in round one of their battle, but Chang continued to plow forward, showing ultimate grit. 

The American’s will was not an issue, but as she walked Junior down, she stepped straight into more heavy combinations and had to absorb most of them to the head. 

Chang showed her fighting spirit right to the end, but Junior picked her apart enough across all three rounds to take the unanimous decision win and move to 24-10 in her career. 

Avatar KOs Kacem To Earn Fourth Consecutive Victory In ONE

Avatar PK Saenchai orchestrated a stunning comeback against Antar Kacem in their bantamweight Muay Thai battle to keep his winning streak in ONE Championship alive.

Kacem’s precise strikes earned him an early lead, as he bombarded Avatar with a series of elbows and punches to the head and body throughout the first frame.

But the in-form Thai kept his composure and turned the tide in the second round by shooting forward and delivering a relentless assault that wore his Belarusian foe down.

Knowing the momentum was in his favor, Avatar kept up the pressure in the final stanza and cornered Kacem against the ropes, where he unleashed a powerful right hand followed by a knee to the body to finish proceedings.

The PK Saenchai Muaythaigym star secured his fourth consecutive win in ONE at 1:48 of round three, and the knockout victory moved his slate to 99-42-12.

Boutasaa’s Striking Wins Out In Back-And-Forth Battle With Changelia

Mohammed Boutasaa gave Dmitry Changelia a rude welcome to ONE when they collided in a featherweight kickboxing showdown.

The fiery pair exchanged strikes with evil intent as soon as the bell rang. Living up to his moniker, “Too Sharp” landed the crisper shots, and he opened up a cut above the left eye of Changelia as a result.

Boutasaa amped up the output in the second stanza, utilizing brilliant distance management to pick his Russian foe apart with well-placed teeps from the outside.

“Superchan” was determined to show his worth, though, and he shot back with impressive counterstriking, connecting with powerful punch combinations to stay in the hunt.

But Boutasaa wasn’t going to be denied his win, and he put in a strong showing in the final round to eke out the split-decision win and claim his 17th career victory.

Tilenov Outlasts Parshikov To Pick Up Third-Round TKO

Kazakbai Tilenov registered an impressive debut win over Ivan Parshikov in their 147.6-pound catchweight MMA contest.  

The Kyrgyz athlete showcased solid striking and grappling across the grueling encounter, and his resilience pushed him to overcome a tough first round. 

Tilenov’s superior conditioning then began to play a role, as he did everything in his power to grind his Russian foe down in round two.

By the third frame, it was pure heart that kept the waning Parshikov in the match. But Tilenov’s pressure was just too much.  

The 22-year-old got on top of his rival and smashed him with ground-and-pound to force the TKO at 2:07 of the final round, and the victory pushed his professional slate to 6-1. 

Alimbek Uulu Sinks In Rear-Naked Choke To Earn Win Against Cho

In a thrilling featherweight MMA showdown, Adilet “Tiger” Alimbek Uulu scored an impressive debut victory over Cho “Hanma Baki” Gyu Jun via a second-round submission.

It was clear from the get-go that the two newcomers were out to impress, but their collective excitement led to a pair of accidental groin strikes that briefly halted the momentum early on.

When they eventually found their footing, both fighters gamely exchanged blows. And it all came to a head in the second round.

18-year-old Cho shot in for a double-leg takedown in the hopes of securing a rear-naked choke. But Alimbek Uulu skillfully reversed the position and took his foe’s back before locking in a rear-naked choke of his own to earn the tap at 3:55.

This win boosted the 21-year-old Kyrgyz phenom’s record to 5-1.

Bekmurzaev’s Fists of Fury Overwhelm Okuyama In Thrilling War

Dagestani striker Temirlan Bekmurzaev halted Masahito Okuyama’s hype train in their 138-pound catchweight kickboxing duel.

Despite his height disadvantage, the aggressive Bekmurzaev bridged the gap and found a home for his concussive left hooks and low kicks in the first and second rounds.

Okuyama fought with a sense of urgency in the final round, but his efforts were for nothing as, after a brief time-out due to a groin shot, all hell broke loose from his Russian foe.

Bekmurzaev unleashed a flurry of wild punches and connected on back-to-back spinning back fists that staggered Okuyama. 

He rode that momentum to the end of the frame and was awarded a unanimous decision victory to improve his overall record to 8-2.

Sato’s Boxing Output Earns Debut Win Over Chusuan

Tomoki Sato Chusuan Chumaroonfarm ONE Friday Fights 51 54

Tomoki Sato and Chusuan Chumaroonfarm‘s entertaining 138-pound catchweight Muay Thai clash kicked off ONE Friday Fights 51 in style, and it was the former who walked away with the win after a furious nine minutes.

When the action kicked off, it looked like Chusuan would try to play a technical game against the Japanese brawler, but the pair ended up trading punches and elbows inside the pocket for the first round instead.  

As the bout wore on, Sato continuously landed harder and more often, answering his rival’s kicks and scoring with furious boxing combinations.  

That gave the Tiger Muay Thai man the edge in the eyes of the judges in the end, and he registered an impressive debut win by unanimous decision. 

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