Prajanchai PK.Saenchai Dominant In Return, Sagaengarm Jitmuangnon Scores KO, More Action From ONE Friday Fights 1

Sagaengarm Jitmuangnon punches Suayai Chor.Haapayak

After an exciting start to ONE Friday Fights 1, the incredible action continued with the all-Muay Thai portion of the card at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Friday, January 20.

Five explosive matches were scheduled to lead into the main event, and just like the bouts earlier in the night, they did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, here’s what went down in the second half of ONE Friday Fights 1 from Bangkok, Thailand.

Prajanchai PK.Saenchai Too Slick For Kompetch Sitsarawatsuer

In the final bout of the night, former ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Champion Prajanchai PK.Saenchai returned to the winner’s column and electrified the red-hot crowd at Lumpinee Stadium by putting on a boxing masterclass to beat Kompetch Sitsarawatsuer via unanimous decision.

Facing a very aggressive Kompetch on the onset, Prajanchai utilized his head movement and lightning-fast hands to make the 22-year-old pay each time he overextended.

It was in the second round where the former strawweight Muay Thai king started imposing his will, as he kicked off the stanza with a solid left hand that rocked his compatriot. Moments later, he floored the two-division Lumpinee Stadium World Champion with a solid right cross on the button.

By the time the frame ended, it was apparent Prajanchai’s hand speed and head movement would be something that Kompetch needed to solve.  

The Sitsarawatsuer man desperately tried to solve it in the final round, but Prajanchai was just too slick, too quick, and too experienced to let this match slide away. He cruised to a comfortable unanimous decision victory to take his 339th win in Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Khunsueklek Ufaboomdeksean Dominates Petbanrai Singha Mawynn

Khunsueklek Ufaboomdeksean kicks Petbanrai Singha Mawynn

Khunsueklek Ufaboomdeksean showed no fear in his atomweight Muay Thai clash with Petbanrai Singha Mawynn, decimating his countryman over the course of three rounds to secure a unanimous decision victory.

The Boomdeksean representative immediately took control of the action with a perfectly-timed cross, which dropped Petbanrai in the opening moments of the tilt. Khunsueklek displayed his precision, slipping through his opposite number’s guard to land powerful and punishing blows.

Although the duo traded kicks and knees to the raucous cheers of the audience, Khunsueklek’s relentless pressure would eventually pay off, as he swept his rival and continued to punish the 22-year-old.

The electric atmosphere of Lumpinee Stadium crackled as the two fighters exchanged strikes in the third and final stanza. In the earlier rounds, they had battled like magnets irresistibly drawn together. But now, they were more cautious, landing shots before stepping out of range to carefully consider their next move.

Still, Khunsueklek maintained his pressure and relentlessly fired his strikes, even landing punches with Petbanrai’s back against the ropes. That sealed the win and improved his record to 71-20-5.

Komawut FA.Group Defeats Sansiri Pet Por.Tor.Or In Nail-Biting Banger

Komawut FA.Group punches Sansiri Pet Por.Tor.Or

Komawut FA.Group had to dig deep to secure his unanimous decision win against Sansiri Pet Por.Tor.Or in their 151-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout.

The FA.Group prodigy took the fight to his Thai compatriot straight out the gate, scoring a first-round knockdown and forcing an eight-count on Sansiri, much to the pleasure of a packed Lumpinee Stadium.

Sansiri – the twin brother of ONE veteran Pongsiri PK.Saenchai – recovered well and turned up the heat. In round two, he blasted Komawut with punches and elbows to rack up some much-needed damage and points. His seemingly come-from-behind efforts continued throughout the frame, causing the FA.Group star tried to play the back foot and absorb the relentless attacks.

The bout was anyone’s to grab in round three, and although Sansiri marched into the fray with much vigor, Komawut countered his aggression with ease to inch himself ahead on the scorecards.

Komawut’s victory nudged his impressive Muay Thai record to 46-12-3.

Sonrak Fairtex Impresses In Three-Round Thriller With Tai Sor.Jor.PiekUthai

Tai Sor Jor PiekUthai Sonrak Fairtex ONE Friday Fights 1 1920X1280 35

Sonrak Fairtex and Tai Sor.Jor.PiekUthai entertained the local crowd over the course of three hard-fought rounds, but it was the Fairtex man who picked up the majority decision victory in their flyweight Muay Thai tussle.

The duo opened the battle in traditional stoic Thai fashion, but it didn’t take long for them to pick up the pace.

Following a close opening frame, Sonrak scored first blood early in the second round when he knocked down his adversary with a crisp right hook. However, the 21-year-old quickly returned to his feet and walked down his Burmese opposition.  

With the two engaging in a close-knit brawl in the second round, the pair continued in the same manner in the third and final stanza. But when the dust settled, the Fairtex star left the ring with the win and elevated his record to 61-17-3.

Sagaengarm Jitmuangnon Wins Trilogy With Suayai Chor.Haapayak

Sagaengarm Jitmuangnon began the second portion of ONE Friday Fights 1 with a thrilling, yet short contest against old foe Suayai Chor.Haapayak. This marked their third matchup, and for the third time, Sagaengarm emerged triumphant.

Using his superior reach and height, the 22-year-old Jitmuangnon Gym representative inflicted damage with his lengthy limbs, delivering punishing elbows and low kicks in their 112-pound catchweight Muay Thai battle.

Despite Suayai’s pressure, Sagaengarm managed to drive back his rival with several punches until landing his first knockdown. Continuing to move forward and connect with elbows, the Jitmuangnon Gym product effectively picked apart his 29-year-old opponent with precise strikes.

After delivering a flurry of alternating kicks, Sagaengarm forced Suayai to fight off the back foot. He then landed a powerful body kick followed by a series of punches, culminating in a knockout with only 13 seconds left in the first round.

This spectacular debut pushed his record to 101-30.

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