Nakrob And Khalilov Return To Winning Ways, Songchainoi Adds To Hot Streak At ONE Friday Fights 41

Nakrob Fairtex Dedduanglek TDed99 ONE Friday Fights 41 14

ONE Championship continued its mission to bring nonstop martial arts action to Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, November 17.

At ONE Friday Fights 41, which went down in Asia primetime, a mix of the organization’s most exciting athletes and some heavy-hitting fresh faces took to the ring inside the legendary venue to inspire, entertain, and fight their way to the pinnacle of their sports.

In case you missed it, let’s recap everything that occurred across the 11 Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA bouts this week.

Nakrob’s Body Shot Wipes Out Dedduanglek’s Perfect Record

Nakrob Fairtex earned his fifth, and arguably his best, win at ONE Friday Fights against #3-ranked divisional contender Dedduanglek TDed99 in their flyweight Muay Thai main event.

Both fighters took turns stepping into range to make their intentions known at the start of the action. Nakrob went in with step-in knees and hands while Dedduanglek operated behind elbows and punches.

Having read his opponent’s movements in the opening frame, Nakrob moved forward with low kicks and a right hook to the face that floored Dedduanglek in the second canto.

The Fairtex Training Center standout stuck to the same tactic in the final stanza, and just as his Thai compatriot put up his guard to block his incoming bombs, he snuck in with a cracking right to the midsection that instantly sent Dedduanglek to the canvas.

The referee waved off proceedings at the 0:51 mark, and Nakrob improved his slate to 64-21 with the KO win.

Songchainoi Earns US$100,000 Contract With Victory Over Rak

Songchainoi Kiatsongrit vs. Rak Erawan had all the makings of a one-round classic. 

But the Thai warriors instead served up three rounds of explosive 116-pound catchweight Muay Thai action, with Songchainoi ultimately walking away with the unanimous decision win.

The Kiatsongrit Muaythai gym standout set the pace from the get-go, dropping Rak after 45 seconds and sending him to the canvas a second time shortly after.

Though bloodied, bruised, and battered, Rak was far from beaten, and he served Songchainoi with a knockdown of his own in the second frame as all hell broke loose between the fiery gunslingers.

They continued to light up Lumpinee in the final frame, but Songchainoi managed to land the more consistent blows, and he picked up the unanimous decision win as a result.

Songchainoi moved to 5-0 in ONE and 55-18 with the win, which proved enough to earn him a lucrative US$100,000 contract with the organization.

Suriyanlek Scores Stunning Comeback KO Win Against Tomyamkoong

Suriyanlek Por Yenying engineered an incredible come-from-behind victory in his 132-pound catchweight Muay Thai encounter with Tomyamkoong Bhumjaithai. 

The 27-year-old was dominated for the first two rounds, as Tomyamkoong smashed him with a relentless barrage of left kicks and punches.  

The PK Saenchai Muaythai gym athlete then looked to put a stamp on his performance with a knockdown at the start of round three, but there was no quit in Suriyanlek. Despite seeming destined for defeat, he bit down on his mouthpiece and swung for the fences.  

The turning point came when a heavy overhand right wobbled Tomyamkoong. Bolstered, Suriyanlek continued his onslaught until his foe was face-first on the canvas.

The bout was waved off at the 2:47 mark of the final frame, and the KO win pushed Suriyanlek’s record to 78-26. 

Buakhiao Scores Massive Debut Win Over Paruehatnoi

Buakhiao Por Paoin took Paruehatnoi TBM Gym’s best shots and connected with volume and power to score a debut win in 138-pound catchweight Muay Thai action.

The N&P Boxing Gym athlete charged forward behind punches and elbows in the first frame to land a straight right to his rival’s body that sent him down for the count.

However, Paruehatnoi came out with a fresh mindset in the second frame and pressed forward to force his Thai compatriot to fight on the back foot. 

Both men threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other in the final three minutes, and one’s defense was just as good as the other’s, which pushed them to the close of the round.

In the end, Buakhiao’s knockdown and stalwart resilience proved enough for the judges to award him the unanimous decision win, and he upped his slate to 76-24 as a result.

Third Time’s The Charm As Parnpet Earns First ONE Win

Parnpet Sor Jor Lekmuangnon hasn’t shied away from fighting the best on offer in ONE. After coming up short twice, he finally earned his first win in ONE by stopping Meysam Adelniya in their 126-pound Muay Thai meeting.

The first round was a closely fought contest between the pair, with both going tit-for-tat. However, Parnpet’s long frame allowed him to land crisper strikes and put pressure on Adelniya.

The 23-year-old came out guns blazing in the second frame, meeting Adelniya’s tenacity in the middle of the ring. Once again, Parnpet connected with the cleaner strikes, but this time they proved pivotal.

In the final minute of the frame, the Thai star shot in with a right hook that dropped his Iranian foe, and he followed up with a left hook to put his man down for good at the 0:30 mark.

With the TKO win, Parnpet improved his slate to 71-17.

Yodnumchai Obliterates Champangarm With Three First-Round Knockdowns

Yodnumchai Fairtex kept his incredible KO streak intact when he scored his sixth consecutive stoppage against Champangarm Por Pramuk. 

The Fairtex man stole the show with three knockdowns in the first round of their 114-pound catchweight Muay Thai battle. 

First, Yodnumchai drilled his foe with a pair of right hands that sent him to the canvas. Then, a thudding jab-cross dropped Champangarm again just moments after he’d regained his feet.  

The final blow came in the form of a crunching left elbow from the clinch that put the Por Pramuk man down and out for good, and the knockout win moved Yodnumchai’s record to 62-20. 

Khalilov’s Output Earns Him Split-Decision Win Over Yodlekpet

“Samingpri” Tagir Khalilov returned to winning ways on the global stage with a hard-earned victory over Yodlekpet Or Atchariya in their blistering 136-pound catchweight Muay Thai duel.

Yodlekpet did well to keep Khalilov out of range with heavy kicks when the action kicked off, but the Russian weathered the storm to land heavy combinations as the frame came to a close.

With a spring in his step, “Samingpri” went all out in search of another knockout in round two. Although he succeeded in cutting angles to land more strikes, Yodlekpet replied with kick-punch combos of his own. 

The Thai athlete stuck in his opponent’s face in the third round, but Khalilov’s movement kept him out of harm’s way, and he saw off the tie with a seven-piece combination.

In the end, Khalilov’s effort earned him the nod from two of three judges at ringside.

View Shines Bright Across Three Rounds In ONE Debut

A lot was said about View Petkosol ahead of his ONE Championship debut, and he certainly lived up to the hype against Aslanbek Zikreev in 126-pound catchweight kickboxing action.

The pair attempted to figure one another out in the opening round, but both looked hesitant to throw anything more than a testing strike.

However, that feeling-out process ended as soon as the second frame got underway.

Zikreev rushed forward from the bell, initiating a firefight with his Thai foe. View returned blows in response, and he relentlessly attacked the body of his Russian counterpart as the action wore on.

The 24-year-old continued to shine in the final frame, with his body shots and leg kicks causing noticeable degradation on Zikreev.

That aggression proved pivotal when the bout ended, as all three judges handed View the unanimous decision win to move his slate to an astonishing 166-15.

Sulaiman Earns Hard-Fought Decision Win Against Aytch

Sulaiman Looksuan got back to winning ways in a tough three-round flyweight Muay Thai battle with Kijani Aytch.  

Aytch worked hard to implement his clinch game in the first round, closing the distance behind his right hand to land knees in close quarters.  

Sulaiman adjusted in round two, however, and he countered his American opponent’s lunges with punches, elbows, and hard low kicks. 

Both men came out swinging with intent in round three, but the Myanmar star managed to land the cleaner punches, helping him to edge past Aytch, score the unanimous decision win, and extend his record to 16-4. 

Satiev Controls Alibabazade To Find Victory In MMA War

Ruslan Satiev Farid Alibabazade ONE Friday Fights 41 37

In flyweight MMA action, Ruslan Satiev put on an intense grappling clinic to see off a tough challenge from fellow ONE debutant Farid Alibabazade.

For three rounds, the Russian athlete had his foe on the canvas, where he attacked with a variety of chokes and ground-and-pound attempts to try and get the upper hand.

When the pair briefly traded strikes, Satiev used his fists, elbows, and knees in the clinch as he hunted for a takedown.

Alibabazade surged into life in round three and tried to work in a submission late in the frame, but that wasn’t enough for the Azerbaijani star in the end.

Two of three judges scoring at ringside gave the win to Satiev, who improved his overall slate to a pristine 5-0 with the debut victory.

Amirzhanov Stops Noroozi For Second Straight Win In ONE

Gadzhimurad Amirzhanov kicked off a run in ONE Championship by dominating Morteza Noroozi to score a second-round TKO in their welterweight MMA contest. 

Noroozi wanted to make the fight gritty from the start and attempted to stand and bang with his Russian foe. But Amirzhanov remained patient and countered the Iranian’s striking with a well-timed takedown that allowed him to control the opening frame.

The script flipped momentarily in the second round when a noticeably fatigued Noroozi took advantage of a slip from Amirzhanov to earn a takedown of his own.

But his eagerness made room for Amirzhanov to utilize a perfect kimura to sweep him onto his back. From there, the 27-year-old star capitalized on a crucifix position to elbow his way to a stoppage at 3:25 of round two.

Amirzhanov moved to 2-0 in ONE with the win and an impressive 5-0 in his career overall.

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