Sen KOs Kongklai In Round One, Kuzmin Returns To Winning Ways At ONE Friday Fights 39

Kongklai Annymuaythai Soner Sen ONE Friday Fights 39 23

ONE Friday Fights 39 kicked off a landmark weekend of combat sports for the world’s largest martial arts organization at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday, November 3.

The explosive card featured 12 MMA and Muay Thai matchups, and it delivered multiple highlight-reel finishes and a swathe of heart-stopping showdowns in a perfect warm-up for ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade on Prime Video, which goes down later today at the iconic venue.

In case you missed any of the action, here’s what went down live in Asia primetime.

Sen Upsets Kongklai In One-Round Stunner

Soner “Golden Boy” Sen stepped into his 142-pound catchweight Muay Thai matchup against Kongklai Annymuaythai with a point to prove, and he executed his plan to perfection by scoring a stunning first-round knockout.

The Turkish star was the aggressor from the opening bell, and he never let up on Kongklai, landing multiple combinations whenever he had the chance. The Thai striker stayed in the fight, however, and threw dangerous kicks and punches in response to Sen’s barrage.

The action took an ominous turn when “Golden Boy” connected with a stinging right hook. Kongklai took a step back, and Sen struck again with another right hand to send his foe down and out for good at 2:35 of round one.

Sen moved to 19-7 with the devastating debut win, and he announced himself as one to watch.

ET Scores Final-Round KO Over Mongkolkaew

ET TDed99 and Mongkolkaew Sor Sommai brought the heat in their 130-pound catchweight Muay Thai battle, but it was the TDed99 man who found the finish.

The bout started as a chess match, with both Thais exchanging calculated blows to the legs and body.

ET created some separation in round two when he surprised Mongkolkaew with a flying knee and followed up with a crisp left hook. But the Sor Sommai star wasn’t going out like that, and he fired back with short shots in the clinch.

It was anybody’s game heading into the final canto, and the pair traded heavy fire.

Then, suddenly, it was all over. Both men shot in with fight-ending strikes, but it was ET’s left elbow that landed first and sent Mongkolkaew to the floor.

The referee waved off the bout, and ET was awarded the KO victory at the 1:02 mark to push his slate to 82-39.

Samingdam Edges Out Denkriangkrai For Third Straight Victory

Samingdam Chor Ajalaboon Denkriangkrai Singha Mawynn ONE Friday Fights 39 30

Samingdam Chor Ajalaboon had his work cut out for him against Denkriangkrai Singha Mawynn, but he couldn’t be denied as he took his winning streak to three in their 129-pound catchweight Muay Thai contest.

The Thai pair met in the center of the ring and went punch-for-punch. The pace was fast and the hits were hard, but Samingdam managed to land better and more consistently.

The enthralling action continued in the second round, with Samingdam’s precision beginning to show. He tested Denkriangkrai’s durability with a range of combinations to his head and body.

The PK Saenchai Muaythaigym standout made one more massive breakthrough in the final stanza, cutting Denkriangkrai with slicing elbows to stay in control.

Samingdam was awarded the unanimous decision win thanks to his aggression in the end, pushing his ONE slate to 3-0 and his overall record to 61-31.

Jack Folds Darkie With Liver Kick For Quick Finish

It took just 45 seconds for Jack Jackmuaythai Gym to put ONE Championship’s strikers on notice in his 138-pound catchweight Muay Thai battle with Darkie Nokkhao KorMor11.

The world-class strikers exchanged body kicks after the opening bell, but Jack quickly figured out his debuting opponent’s timing and struck back with devastating effect.

He connected with a heavy leg kick that shook Darkie’s balance, then forced the Nokkhao KorMor11 product to put his guard up with a right cross.

Sensing an opening from there, Jack unleashed a world-ending left kick to his rival’s liver that landed cleanly, sending the Thai to the floor writhing in pain. 

Olivier Coste waved off the fight after just 45 seconds as a result, and the KO win pushed Jack’s career slate to 64-21.

Nongchamp Finishes Petake With Brutal Second-Round Body Shot

Nongchamp Luckybuntherng and Petake Kiatjamroon met in a back-and-forth 112-pound catchweight Muay Thai bout, but it was the former who had the final say thanks to a devastating second-round knockout.

Nongchamp started slow, and he had to take his lumps from Petake. The 27-year-old remained on the defensive for the majority of the opening round, so he knew he had to respond well in the second frame.

The Sor Sommai star did just that when the bell sounded to start the round, taking control of the pace and dropping his Thai compatriot with a right hand. 

Petake answered the eight-count, but Nongchamp swarmed him into the corner when the action resumed and landed a beautiful left body shot that brought an end to the proceedings at 1:39 of the second stanza.

Nongchamp opened his ONE account in perfect style and moved to 51-20 with the win.

Amnuaydet Floors Petleela To Score First-Round TKO

Amnuaydet Wor Wantawee proved the hype surrounding him was real by scoring a swift knockout win over Petleela M U Den in their 120-pound catchweight Muay Thai clash.

Amnuaydet got the ball rolling early by dropping his Thai compatriot with a crushing left straight, but Petleela stormed back and appeared to get a knockdown of his own when the action resumed.

Though it was ruled a slip, Amnuaydet knew he had to put his foot on the gas, and he sent Petleela to the deck a second time with a well-placed left hook to the chin soon after.

Smelling blood in the waters, the Wor Wantawee star continued the hunt, and he found the finish via a lethal left elbow to the temple at 2:39 of the opening round.

Amnuaydet improved his overall slate to 51-15 and announced himself as a force to be reckoned with the debut win.

Kuzmin Too Slick En Route To Decision Win Over Reis

Fabio Reis Vladimir Kuzmin ONE Friday Fights 39 29

Vladimir Kuzmin outscored Fabio Reis en route to a unanimous decision win in their 146-pound catchweight Muay Thai matchup.  

Kuzmin used his slick footwork to stay out of danger and interspersed that movement with a varied selection of strikes. 

Reis could barely lay a glove on his rival in round one, and when he tried to charge in, Kuzmin picked him off and dropped him with a straight right down the pipe.  

The powerful Portuguese puncher tried to move forward and find a winning shot in the later rounds, but he couldn’t pin Kuzmin down, allowing the Russian to ease his way to a win that extended his slate to 19-3. 

Dayakaev Overcomes Detrit In ONE Debut

Two debutants put it all on the line inside the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium ring, but it was Abdollah Dayakaev‘s ruthless repertoire over three rounds of bantamweight Muay Thai action that saw off Detrit LooksuanAutomuaythai in the end.

The Russian set the tone early on by dropping Detrit with a right hand after just 40 seconds. And though he continued to push the pace from there, his Thai foe refused to wilt. 

The pair went hell for leather in the second round, and Detrit began to find his feet. He expertly worked out Dayakaev’s timing and struck back with his own handiwork. 

But the Team Mehdi Zatout star got wise to his opponent’s tricks in the final frame, and he mixed up his combinations to brutalize Detrit’s body until the end of the bout.

Dayakaev earned the majority decision as a result, and he moved to 8-1 overall with the win.

Longern Blasts Through Dahou In First-Round Blitz

Longern Paesaisi‘s power was too much for Karim Dahou as he blitzed the Frenchman to finish him in round one of their 127-pound catchweight Muay Thai contest.  

The rangier Dahou looked unorthodox at the start of the match, offering up strikes from different angles, but he ate heavy leather every time he got close to his Thai foe.  

A crunching straight left from Longern sent Dahou to canvas, and he kept up the pressure when the Team Mehdi Zatout man got back to his feet.

Knowing the finish was near, he continued to hurt his foe with more punches before sealing the deal with a left high kick at 2:32 to push his record to 62-20.

Patrik Szana Batters Mardsing In Three-Round Firefight

Mardsing Khaolakmuaythai Patrik Szana ONE Friday Fights 39 21

Hungary’s Patrik Szana silenced the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium crowd with a dominant performance over hometown favorite Mardsing Khaolakmuaythai.

Szana showed his might early in the 143-pound catchweight Muay Thai showdown by landing a laser left-hand and right cross missile to floor the Thai after just 20 seconds.

Mardsing came out guns blazing in round two, though, and aggressively entered the line of fire. He fended off his foe’s stiff jabs and piercing body kicks to land a lethal right hand on Szana, staggering the Hungarian, and he opened a nasty gash with some follow-up elbows.

Szana brought the pressure in the final round, however, and he returned the favor by giving Mardsing a crimson mask of his own.

After three rounds, the judges saw Szana’s output as more significant, and they handed him the unanimous decision victory, giving him a perfect debut outing that improves his slate to 29-6.

Gabriel Earns Second ONE Win In Tough Battle With Isabekov

Lucas Gabriel Kurbanali Isabekov ONE Friday Fights 39 29

Lucas Gabriel’s striking superiority earned him a unanimous decision win in a back-and-forth lightweight MMA bout against Kurbanali Isabekov

The Brazilian popped Isabekov with hard lead hooks and left crosses before smashing heavy low kicks into his rival’s thigh. The Russian tried to swing back, but he was beaten to the shot by his 23-year-old foe’s sharper strikes. 

An eye poke in round two halted the action as Gabriel needed time to recover, but he came out firing to finish the stanza strong when the fight resumed. 

Isabekov wasn’t finished yet, though, and he controlled much of the third round with his wrestling.

But it proved too little too late in the end, and the judges handed Gabriel his second win in ONE Friday Fights to push his record to 8-1 overall. 

Ilogon Stops Cho With Late Charge

Moises Lois Ilogon and Cho Joon Gun opened the show with a tentative strawweight MMA outing that the former managed to finish with a flurry midway through the third round.

Both men had a tough time finding anything significant in the first and second frames, but Cho looked to be making the most of their exchanges.

The South Korean found a home for his fast strikes, and he coupled them with multiple takedown attempts.

But Ilogon’s power took control in the final stanza when he drove his left knee into Cho’s ribs. “The Lion King” forced his foe onto his heels and into the corner from there, where a barrage of strikes earned him the TKO at the 2:17 mark.

Ilogon walked away with his third professional win and a debut victory in ONE as a result.

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