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Shannon Wiratchai Improvises With Some New Equipment

May 22, 2020

ONE Championship featherweight athlete Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai may be the king of improvisation.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced Thailand to impose some lockdown measures, the Thai mixed martial arts pioneer has come up with some interesting ways to train and still get his workout in.

Now, with restrictions starting to loosen up, the 31-year-old Bangkok resident has commenced his training and can finally hit mitts with a pad holder again.

In the video above, Wiratchai is training alongside “Tuk” Pattara Jaroenpon, a karate brown belt and wrestling gold medalist from Central Thailand.

Both men are seen on a rooftop apartment wearing masks, throwing boxing combinations, and working on their respective techniques.

Gyms are not open yet, so it may be difficult for some martial arts enthusiasts to train outside without the proper equipment.

“OneShin,” however, has a clever solution for that.

Instead of using focus mitts, he whipped out a pair of flip flops, put them on his hands, and used those as makeshift pads to catch his training partner’s punches.

Like Wiratchai says, “No equipment, no problem.”

Check out the effectiveness of his makeshift pads and see for yourself whether or not they actually hold up.

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