Why Martial Arts Is The Perfect Hobby

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When you work or study hard, you should take the time to play hard, too.

Having the right balance in your life will help your well-being tremendously, both physically and mentally. That is why it is important to have a hobby that you enjoy, and if it brings a host of other positive effects with it, then you are on the right path.

There is a reason people take up martial arts for life when other hobbies fizzle out, and that is because martial arts is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, it can bring so much extra value to a person’s life.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why martial arts is the perfect hobby.

The Most Fun You Can Have Working Out


The most important thing in any hobby is that you enjoy it. That is what keeps your interest and puts a smile on your face, no matter what else may be happening in the world around you.

People tune in to watch martial arts for enjoyment, but actually training is even better, and more fulfilling. You get to learn all the moves that your heroes employ inside of the cage, and gain a better understanding of their techniques.

There is a martial art for everyone, so you are sure to find something you enjoy — be it punching, kicking, throwing, grappling, or perhaps all of the above!

It Helps You Shape Up And Lose Weight

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Your hobby could be playing video games and eating cookies, which may sound like great fun, but will not do much to get your body in prime physical shape. In fact, it would probably do you more harm than good.

Not only is martial arts fun, but fortunately, it will get you fit at the same time. One hour of hitting pads or rolling on the mats will burn up to a thousand calories, boost your metabolism, and get your muscles firing, which will help you lose weight, tone up and get healthier.

The physical impacts are almost endless. Just look at former ONE Welterweight Title Challenger Agilan Thani, who lost almost 60kg just by training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and now even has a six-pack.

You Learn Self-Defense

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While having fun and getting healthier, you will also be acquiring new skills that could serve you well in the future.

In addition to improving your strength and flexibility, which makes doing day-to-day tasks easier, the knowledge you gain could be enough to save your life, should you find yourself in a life-threatening situation.

Martial arts is great for self-defense, and you will not be caught lacking if you are forced to do it in the real world. So, if your extra fitness cannot help you to run away, you will know how to protect yourself, and your loved ones if need be.

It Boosts Your Confidence

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Building off of the last point, being able to handle yourself in life-threatening situations will be a confidence boost of its own. That, however, will only be part of the reason for your renewed self-esteem.

With new skills, a warrior’s mindset, and the weight moving in the right direction, martial arts will have started a positive chain of effects in your life. Feeling healthier with endorphins rushing to make you happier, you will be more confident in your everyday encounters.

You will be used to solving problems on the move from sparring, and you will know that you are not made of glass. When you are comfortable with a leather glove flying in your direction, life’s other problems seem easier to tackle, and this will keep you calm in many other situations too.

New ONE Strawweight World Champion Alex Silva was born premature, was small for his size, and was constantly picked on. While that could have resulted in a shy introvert with no confidence, martial arts forged him into a world champion that proudly inspires while holding his head up high.

You Forge New Relationships

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You will form bonds with people on the mats like nowhere else.

A drink in a bar can be vacuous, an online game conversation can be fleeting, but the people at your martial arts school will be with you day in and day out. You will be going through the same struggles and getting through it together, meaning you inevitably gain trust in these people.

Best of all, you learn to accept people as they are, and build honest, lasting friendships.

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