Mei Yamaguchi’s Top 4 Daily Exercises To Look And Feel Great

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Mei “V.V” Yamaguchi is one of the most powerful atomweight warriors in ONE Championship, and the secret to her strength is simple.

While the 37-year-old World Title contender might spread her training across several gyms in Tokyo, Japan, it is her four go-to bodyweight exercises that give her the power to push her opponents to their limits.

Yamaguchi’s routine will not only help you build strength, get lean, and stay toned, but they are the perfect complement to your martial arts home workout during the COVID-19 lockdown.

#1 Squats

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Squats are a simple yet effective exercise you can do at home to build strength in your core, hamstrings, hips, and glutes – and Yamaguchi is a big proponent of their efficacy.

In particular, “V.V” encourages students to focus on the legs while squatting, particularly the thigh region.

“It will give you a lot of strength around your thighs,” she says. “That is the base of your body when you move and exercise. And, as you get older, women lose thigh and leg strength very easily. That is why it is very important to strengthen your thighs by doing a lot of squats.”

#2 Lunges

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Lunges are another great exercise you can do with just some spare space around the house. Yamaguchi recommends to regularly include lunges into your fitness routine because, as she simply states, “It strengthens your legs.”

When doing this exercise, she recommends you pay attention to your posture, keep your head straight, and look forward.

By doing lunges, your lower body gets stronger, therefore preventing other potentially damaging injuries that could inhibit your movement later in life.

“For the elderly, when they trip, that is when they get injuries,” she says. “They start getting in the wheelchair and that kind of stuff, so the weakness in their legs is always the key. You lose the chance to walk, so you need to keep the strength in your legs and keep walking naturally.”

#3 Sit-Ups

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“V.V” not only wants you to stay strong during the COVID-19 lockdown, but she also wants to help you combat the increased time you spend sitting idle.

For that, she recommends doing an assortment of sit-ups. Start by doing three sets of 15 sit-ups. Then slowly increase the number of sets and repetitions over time.

“Your abs keeps you in good posture,” she says about the effective exercise, that can combat lower back pain and weakness from prolonged periods of sitting.

#4 Push-Ups

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The push-up is one more exercise you can add to your home workout routine. Push-ups target the chest, the back, the core, the deltoids, and especially the arms.

But according to the atomweight sensation, push-ups can also counter the effects of eating too much junk food while at home.

“Sugars go into your arms, so you want to make the arms tight all the time,” she explains. “Doing push-ups will build your muscles, so it will prevent all those cookies, sugars, and cakes from going into your arms.”

Start out slow by doing three sets of ten push-ups. Again, as you become stronger and more comfortable with your technique, increase the intensity.

“It is important to do push-ups every day,” she continues. “Do not do it too hard. Do not do too much repetition, and you can put your knees on the ground if you have to.”

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