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नारनतुंगलाग “तुंगा” जदंबा

भार सीमा
154.98 LBS / 70.3 KG
5'6" FT / 170 CM
48 Y
Team Tungaa

नारनतुंगलाग जदंबा के बारे में

Former ONE Featherweight World Champion Narantungalag Jadambaa grew up as the eldest of five children and always felt the need to protect his loved ones. After the fall of the Soviet Union, times became tough in Mongolia and criminals harrassed his family, causing Jadambaa to get into several physical confrontations.

To keep him from getting into trouble, a teacher suggested he take up judo to learn discipline, and the training transformed Jadambaa. He fell in love with martial arts and took up Kyokushin karate as well, going on to earn a reputation for his toughness and power while winning several national tournaments in Mongolia. This prompted him to move to Japan to further his martial arts career, where he faced some of the biggest names in kickboxing.

Jadambaa would would return to Mongolia a more evolved martial artist after adding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling to his training. He then embarked on a highly successful mixed martial arts career, winning his way across Asia to claim the Legend Lightweight Championship. It was at this time that tragedy struck, as his mother passed away from cancer. The loss affected Jadambaa deeply, and he resolved to honor her memory by becoming a World Champion. He would achieve that feat in 2014, claiming the ONE Featherweight World Title to cement his place among the best martial artists of his time.

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नॉकआउट (KO) KO
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नॉकआउट (KO)
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ऑस्ट्रेलिया / वियतनाम
ऑस्ट्रेलिया / वियतनाम Apr 12, 2019
रूट्स ऑफ हॉनर
Apr 12, 2019
सर्वसम्मत निर्णय UD
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सर्वसम्मत निर्णय
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Pursuit of Power
Jul 13, 2018
जापान Jul 13, 2018
Pursuit of Power
Jul 13, 2018
तकनीकी नॉकआउट (TKO) TKO
राउंड 2 (4:58)
तकनीकी नॉकआउट (TKO)
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Pinnacle of Power
Jun 23, 2018
फिलीपींस Jun 23, 2018
Pinnacle of Power
Jun 23, 2018