The Top 3 ONE Super Series Knockouts From 2021’s First Quarter

Light heavyweight kickboxers Mihajlo Kecojevic and Beybulat Isaev fight at ONE: UNBREAKABLE II in January 2021

ONE Super Series featured heavily during the UNBREAKABLE and FISTS OF FURY event series that kicked off 2021 — and delivered some highlight-reel finishes along the way.

The promotion’s all-striking league showcased the world’s best Muay Thai and kickboxing action from January to March, and the stunning knockouts from those bouts will be remembered most.

As we head into April, let’s relive the three most spectacular KOs from this year’s first quarter.

#1 Isaev Flattens Kecojevic With Overhand Right

Beybulat Isaev only needed 82 seconds to defeat Mihajlo Kecojevic at ONE: UNBREAKABLE II on 29 January. The Russian worked hard to get inside his Serbian rival’s reach in their light heavyweight kickboxing battle, but when he did, he took full advantage.

Kecojevic grew in confidence as he picked his foe off with long, straight punches – but this led him into the danger zone. The Serbian Kickboxing Champion lunged forward to dial up the pressure, and in his enthusiasm to connect, he left himself wide open.

First, Isaev slipped Kecojevic’s straight right and threw a right cross-left hook combination that his rival managed to ride and block. When the Serbian athlete went again with a hook-cross, Isaev’s overhand right landed perfectly on the point of the chin.

With Kecojevic’s momentum turning him onto the Russian’s power punch, the combined force was much more devastating. The Serbian athlete saw his lights turned off instantly, and he crumpled into his own footprint to give Isaev a remarkable KO victory.

#2 Capitan Rampages To World Title Gold

After his record-setting debut, Capitan Petchyindee Academy added another impressive knockout when he dethroned defending ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Champion Alaverdi “Babyface Killer” Ramazanov at ONE: UNBREAKABLE on 22 January.

The Thai slugger pressed forward in the first frame and threw constant bombs at the reigning king, but he couldn’t find an early fight-ender like in his first bout on the global stage.

It didn’t take much longer though, as Capitan came out firing again in the second round. This time, he targeted the lanky Russian’s foundations by blasting him with powerful low kicks.

Feeling the effects of the Petchyindee Academy man’s thigh-scorching strikes, Ramazanov backed up to the Circle Wall. Capitan then alternated punches and kicks, which opened up gaps in his adversary’s defense.

The Thai star rammed a hard right hook into “Babyface Killer’s” ribs, connected with a low kick, and finished up with a concussive straight right to the head that put Ramazanov down and out.

#3 Opacic On Point With Second Consecutive KO Win

Rade Opacic’s first bout in ONE Super Series ended in emphatic fashion, and he made his case for World Title contention with another knockout victory over Bruno Susano at ONE: UNBREAKABLE.

The Serbian star kicked off the heavyweight encounter with every intention of ending it early. He went after Susano’s liver, and the Portuguese athlete’s winces prevented him from keeping a poker face as he took a standing eight-count from the referee.

Despite the constant pressure, Susano reached the second round, but it wasn’t enough for him to fully recover. Opacic went straight on the offensive, and around a minute in, it was clear that the Dinamite Warriors representative was ready to fall.

Seeing that, the Serbian striker delivered an aggressive combination that included a thunderous right cross, a pair of left hooks to the body, and then a punctuating right high kick. With his foe on wobbly legs, Opacic produced a final flurry of punches to seal the deal at 1:11.

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