Tawanchai Vs. Superbon: 4 Keys To Muay Thai World Title Victory At ONE Friday Fights 46

Tawanchai vs. Superbon goes down at ONE Fight Night 15

This Friday, December 22, Tawanchai PK Saenchai and Superbon Singha Mawynn will meet in an epic clash of pound-for-pound greats at the top of their games. 

The elite Thai strikers are ready to throw down for the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Title in the main event of ONE Friday Fights 46, and after a couple of false starts, fans can’t wait to see them finally meet in one of the year’s most anticipated matchups. 

Defending king Tawanchai has been dominant since claiming the gold, while Superbon is a former ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion who is expecting a seamless transition back to Muay Thai.

It’s hard to say how this epic matchup will play out, but we’ve identified four major keys to victory that could separate these superstars at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.  

#1 Tawanchai’s Punching 

Tawanchai established himself as a top competitor on the Bangkok stadium circuit, but his reputation as a big finisher has only come since he entered ONE and worked hard on his boxing output.  

The 24-year-old southpaw has been a menace in smaller 4-ounce gloves, hurting his rivals with heavy punches while racking up four stoppage wins in his last five fights.  

His go-to combo is the right hook-left cross, which has repeatedly found a home on opposing chins. Plus, he uses a sharp jab that can pierce through defenses while setting up higher-impact shots.  

Superbon does have fast straight punches, so Tawanchai needs to avoid loading up too early or telegraphing his shots. However, recent bouts indicate he likely has the edge in power and will feel confident trading during intense exchanges.

#2 Superbon’s Defense 

Superbon’s defense will be key if Tawanchai employs the more aggressive style that he’s shown in recent bouts.  

It wouldn’t be wise to trade in close range, and the former featherweight kickboxing king does his best work from further out.  

To stay there, Superbon needs to be assertive with his distance management, starting with his strong teeps (push kicks) to keep the World Champion at bay. 

But rather than just using a defensive strategy that negates Tawanchai’s aggression, the Singha Mawynn representative can use his slick counters to combat it.  

Superbon is effective with his teeps and kicks as longer-range counter-attacks, and if his foe gets in close, the 33-year-old also has impeccable timing with his right knee to the body. 

#3 Tawanchai’s Left Kick 

Despite his recent penchant for throwing hands, Tawanchai has never forgotten his left kick, which is one of the tools that made him so successful.  

It is fast, powerful, and accurate, and the Pattaya native employs it to connect with a wide range of targets.  

He mostly fires it toward the body against orthodox fighters – where it has bone-breaking power if they attempt to block – but he can also start to tear up the inside of Superbon’s lead thigh with his low kick.  

Because of its speed, even against a solid defender like Superbon, Tawanchai’s high kick can catch the head of his rivals when they try to lean back out of the way.  

It’s a versatile tool that will give his challenger plenty to think about on the outside while he sizes up opportunities to push into boxing range.  

#4 Superbon’s Right Kick 

On the opposite side of the coin, Superbon’s right kick is the most feared part of his arsenal.  

It’s every bit as powerful and accurate as Tawanchai’s left kick, and the war between these two weapons will be crucial. 

Superbon can deter Tawanchai’s advances and weaken his punches by slamming his right shin into the body and arms of the defending king. 

If his compatriot defends, the veteran striker can switch to the low kick or uncork his right hand directly behind it to exploit any gaps that open up.  

And of course, if he sees a lowered guard or can bait Tawanchai into trying to catch his leg, Superbon’s whipping high kick has devastating consequences – just as he showed with his memorable knockouts of Giorgio Petrosyan and Tayfun Ozcan

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