Superlek Vs. Kongthoranee: 4 Keys To Victory At ONE Friday Fights 68: Prajanchai Vs. Di Bella

Superlek and Kongthoranee Smiling ONE Championship

At ONE Friday Fights 68: Prajanchai vs. Di Bella, reigning ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion and top-ranked flyweight Muay Thai contender Superlek Kiatmoo9 will throw himself into the fire against one of Thailand’s most dangerous strikers when he squares off with Kongthoranee Sor Sommai.

Scheduled to take place in Asia primetime on June 28 at the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, the explosive flyweight Muay Thai matchup has all the makings of a technical war.

With Superlek riding a nine-fight winning streak and Kongthoranee on an impressive seven-fight run of his own, each athlete comes into this showdown at the top of his game and poised to pick up a statement victory in Bangkok.

Now just days away from this much-anticipated clash, these are each fighter’s keys to victory.

Kongthoranee’s Intelligent Pressure

The Sor Sommai representative is a master technician and tactician, but against Superlek, he’d be wise to apply steady, aggressive pressure to force his foe against the ropes.

A devastating puncher, Kongthoranee tends to do the most damage when he’s able to move forward, corner his opponent, and unload vicious combinations.

This pressure will be particularly important against a true offensive dynamo like the flyweight kickboxing king, as Kongthoranee simply can’t afford to give Superlek the space to work.

Superlek’s Body Kicks

With a nickname like “The Kicking Machine,” it’s no surprise that Superlek possesses arguably the finest, most dangerous kicking game in all of striking. And while he’s capable of landing push kicks, leg kicks, and head kicks, the 28-year-old’s single best weapon is his soul-stealing body kick.

Look for Superlek to target Kongthoranee’s ribs early and often with his thunderous kicks.

On their own, these blows carry fight-ending power, but even if they are blocked, Kongthoranee will take significant damage to his arms, sapping him of his trademark punching power.

Kongthoranee’s Missile Of A Left Hand

Fighting out of the southpaw stance, Kongthoranee is always a knockout threat with his massive left hand – a weapon that will likely be the centerpiece of his attacks against Superlek.

What makes the Thai’s left punch so dangerous is not just its power but the fact that he’s able to land it in a variety of situations, whether he’s working on the counter or aggressively moving forward.

If he wants to take out “The Kicking Machine,” Kongthoranee must find a home for his show-stopping left hand, as it’s his best path to victory.

Superlek’s Step-In Elbows

Although he’s perhaps best known for his accomplishments in the sport of kickboxing, Superlek has proven himself to be an unparalleled master of Muay Thai techniques, especially the step-in elbow.

Once he has gained his opponent’s respect with his long-range kicks, Superlek loves to dart into close quarters and fire off face-breaking elbow strikes.

This weapon should prove effective against Kongthoranee, who tends to stand at punching range where he could leave himself open to these devastating blows.

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