Jonathan Haggerty Vs. Felipe Lobo: 4 Keys To Muay Thai World Title Victory At ONE Fight Night 19

Jonathan Haggerty Felipe Lobo

English superstar Jonathan “The General” Haggerty’s first ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title defense has all the makings of a thriller. 

The two-sport king will take on Brazilian sensation Felipe “Demolition Man” Lobo in the main event of ONE Fight Night 19 on Prime Video, and both strikers will bring fully loaded skill sets to the ring in U.S. primetime this Friday, February 16. 

Fans should expect a competitive battle – one that could end in explosive fashion at any time – when these men collide at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.  

Here are four of the biggest keys to victory for Haggerty and Lobo ahead of their massive World Title encounter. 

#1 Lobo’s Pressure 

Although it’s not his go-to style, Lobo has vowed to dial up the intensity on Haggerty and look to constantly pressure him. 

This approach makes sense, as the slick Englishman excels at range when he can find his groove. If “Demolition Man” can constantly take away space, he can take his foe out of his comfort zone. 

Thai megastar Rodtang Jitmuangnon showed this could be an effective strategy against Haggerty, and even a technician like Sam-A Gaiyanghadao had success when he pressed “The General” into the corner. 

While Rodtang’s style is hard to emulate – and is dangerous if you don’t have his famed chin – Lobo can try to do it more tactfully while still moving forward with a high volume of shots that gives Haggerty less room to respond.  

Although Haggerty feeling drained at flyweight could have been a major factor, he has slowed down in the later rounds in the face of relentless pressure. Lobo should lean into this to help him both offensively and defensively.  

#2 Haggerty’s Push Kicks 

Haggerty’s push kicks (also called teeps) are some of his strongest weapons and should be employed against Lobo for several reasons.  

With the challenger planning to fight on his front foot, “The General” can use his long legs to keep his rival at bay. The speed and accuracy of his teeps make it an excellent tool to intercept “Demolition Man” when he tries to move forward. 

It’s not uncommon to see the reigning two-sport ONE World Champion put his rivals on the canvas with his teep when they lunge at him, which is a testament to his impeccable timing.  

Once those opponents start to struggle with the jarring push kick and react by trying to redirect it, Haggerty will take his reads from their defensive attempts and look for openings to attack. 

That’s when his feints come into play. The Londoner will fake the teep and then step in behind it with his signature downward elbow or punches – creating routes around the defense and plenty of momentum from his forward glide.  

#3 Lobo’s Body Shots 

If Lobo can successfully get on the inside, then he has a good chance to unleash some of his hard punches to the body. 

Rodtang made this work and hurt Haggerty with heavy work to the midsection, and although other opponents have failed to make the same impact, “Demolition Man” has already shown his ability to stop foes this way. 

The Brazilian has a powerful straight right that he looks to blast into the solar plexus and a ripping left hook that targets the liver. He works well behind the jab to land them, changing levels and targets to keep his opponent guessing while he tries to find a home. 

Even if it doesn’t lead to a finish, a consistent attack to the body will help take some of the gas out of Haggerty’s tank if this fight stretches over five grueling rounds. 

#4 Haggerty’s Knockout Power 

Haggerty has always had the power to hurt his opponents with punches, but that has leveled up in his recent move to bantamweight. 

The extra weight and a focus on developing his concussive power have seen him stop two World Champions known for having strong chins. Nong-O Hama had not been stopped in 13 years and Fabricio Andrade went toe-to-toe with John Lineker without flinching – yet “The General” finished them both.

The reigning king makes the most of his long reach with a punishing jab-cross combo that fires out at speed right down the middle, but he also mixes in an arcing overhand that finds the chin when his opponents prepare for the straight shot.  

Remaining crisp but aggressive, “The General” will open up when he sees damage on the other side. Not just head-hunting, the Brit will switch his left hook to the body when those rivals shell up to protect their head.  

If Lobo insists on getting into punching range, he’ll have his chin tested by Haggerty’s heavy punches in the pocket, too, offering up very few safe havens.

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