5 Things To Know About French Star Rafi Bohic Before His ONE Championship Debut

Muay Thai World Champion Rafi Bohic

Rafi Bohic is just hours away from making his highly anticipated promotional debut at ONE Friday Fights 12

The French sensation will take on Tapaokaew Singha Mawynn in a bantamweight Muay Thai contest at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, and he’ll finally get to show the global fan base why he’s long been considered one of the greatest Western fighters in the sport’s history.

Before he enters the ONE Championship ring on April 7, find out how the eight-time Muay Thai World Champion earned his stripes among the Thai elite.

#1 He Started In Savate

Compared to many of his peers in “the art of eight limbs,” Bohic is a late starter.

He took up the French martial art of savate at age 16 and didn’t start his Muay Thai journey until he was 17 years old.

Many Thai athletes would be a decade into their careers by that point, but Bohic didn’t let that hinder him as he has committed himself fully to the sport ever since. 

#2 He’s Lived In Thailand Since 2012

After falling in love with Muay Thai and training every day in France, Bohic’s first coach took him to the sport’s homeland in 2009. 

From that first visit, the Le Havre native knew he wanted to make the move permanent. Three years later, he officially relocated to Thailand.

Bohic joined the Singpatong camp in Phuket, training alongside a strong stable of native champions. Since moving there in 2012, he has maintained his base in “The Land of Smiles.” 

#3 He Built His Career Among The Sport’s Best

Although Bohic has occasionally competed in his home country, the vast majority of his fights have taken place in Thailand. 

Before he emigrated, Muay Thai bouts with full professional rules were illegal in France, and he only started competing under that rule set after his move in 2012.

Less than a year later, the Frenchman was already in the ring against the legendary Saenchai, so he was forged in the hottest fires – and that prepared him for the incredible success that was to come. 

#4 He’s One Of The Most Decorated Foreign Muay Thai Fighters

While France has produced many great strikers over the years, few can match the level of opposition that Bohic has faced in his career, nor the accolades he has won.

Competing regularly at the famous Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, and Omnoi Stadiums, the 31-year-old has amassed titles from WMC, WBC, and MAX Muay Thai. Also, he has beaten the likes of Pongsiri PK Saenchai, Han Zi Hao, Kongsak PK Saenchai, and Yodpanomrung Jitmuangnon.

His standout success is his tenure as a Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai World Champion – a rare feat among non-Thais – with five World Title victories at the iconic venue.

#5 He’s A Finisher

Though he has consistently gone up against the best of the best on the elite Bangkok stadium circuit, Bohic has amassed a stunning 82-19-1 record. 

Among those wins, he has stopped 39 of his rivals inside the distance, which is a high finishing rate in Muay Thai. 

With fierce punches, low kicks, and elbows, the Frenchman is equipped with weapons that can end his opponent’s night at any range. Simply put, he is as exciting as he is effective. 

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