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Apr 7, 2023 7:30PM ICT
Apr 7, 2023 8:30AM EDT
Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok

ONE Friday Fights 12

230324 BKK OFF10 1800x1200px
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Get the month started on the right foot with ONE Friday Fights 12, coming to you live from the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 7.

A pair of young Muay Thai World Champions with a knack for executing highlight-reel knockouts will headline the hard-hitting spectacle, as Petsukumvit Boi Bangna collides with Kongthoranee Sor Sommai in the main event of the evening.

Also, eight-time Muay Thai World Champion Rafi Bohic makes his long-awaited ONE Championship debut against 20-year-old rising star Tapaokaew Singha Mawynn. In addition, fans will get to see a pair of featherweight MMA bouts, including the return of Malaysian sensation Keanu Subba.

So mark your calendars, find out how you can watch ONE Friday Fights 12 live in your area, and get ready for an action-packed night!

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Main Card

Flyweight Muay Thai
Petsukumvit vs. Kongthoranee
Petsukumvit 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Kongthoranee_Sor_Sommai Avatar 500x345
Catchweight (129.63 LBS) Muay Thai
Sunvo vs. Petlampun
Sunvo_TDed99 avatar 500x345
Petlampun Bumrungsit Avatar 500x345 3
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Flyweight Muay Thai
Mohawk vs. Dentungtong
Mohawk_Ngorbangkapi avatar 500x345
Dentungtong_Singha_Mawynn avatar 500x345
WIN Knockout (R2) KO (R2)
Atomweight Muay Thai
Sor Dechapan vs. Kohtao
Khunsuk_Sor_Dechapan avatar 500x345 2
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Kohtao_Petsomnuk avatar 500x345
Catchweight (111.99 LBS) Muay Thai
Tubtimthong vs. Petchnumchai
Tubtimthong_Sor_Jor_Lekmuangnon avatar 500x345
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Petchnumchai_Sor_Jor_Tongprachin avatar 500x345
Catchweight (123.99 LBS) Muay Thai
Chalawan vs. Zeta
Chalawan_Ngorbangkapi avatar 500x345
Zeta_Chor_Chokamnuay avatar 500x345
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Tapaokaew vs. Bohic
Tapaokaew_Singha_Mawynn avatar 500x345
Rafi_Bohic avatar 500x345
WIN Split Decision (R3) SD (R3)
Tapaokaew Singha Mawynn VS Rafi Bohic
Thailand Country France
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Wimanair vs. Toscano
Yodphupa_Tor_Yotha avatar 500x345 2
Samuel_Toscano avatar 500x345
Flyweight Muay Thai
Looksuanmuaythai vs. Bigdeli
Samingdam_Looksuan avatar 500x345 2
Javad_Bigdeli avatar 500x345
Catchweight (109.99 LBS) Muay Thai
Nongam vs. Nga Sze
Nongam_Fairtex avatar 500x345
WIN Knockout (R3) KO (R3)
Chu_Nga_Sze avatar 500x345
Nongam Fairtex VS Chu Nga Sze
Thailand Country Hong Kong SAR China
Featherweight MMA
Subba vs. Eshbaev
Keanu_Subba avatar 500x3452
Nurzaman_Ashbaev avatar 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Featherweight MMA
Gyeom Lee vs. Antunes
Do_Gyeom_Lee avatar 500x345
Guilherme_Antunes avatar 500x345


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Muay Thai MADNESS  Tapaokaew vs. Rafi Bohic Was EPIC
Zeta Chor Chokamnuay Chalawan Ngorbangkapi ONE Friday Fights 12 32
ONE Friday Fights 12: Petsukumvit vs. Kongthoranee
Petsukumvit faces off with Kongthoranee ahead of ONE Friday Fights 12
Muay Thai World Champion Rafi Bohic
Petsukumvit Boi Bangna Petchmuangsri Tded99 ONE Friday Fights 8 21
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