5 Reasons Why Tawanchai Vs. Nattawut II Will Be Epic

Tawanchai PK Saenchai Jo Nattawut

The Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, will soon play host to an epic rematch between two of the planet’s most electrifying strikers – and this time, 26 pounds of gold will be on the line.

This Friday, June 7, in the main event of ONE 167 on Prime Video, reigning ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Champion Tawanchai PK Saenchai will defend his belt against veteran knockout artist “Smokin” Jo Nattawut live in U.S. primetime.

The Thai fan favorites first collided in a kickboxing bout last October, and it did not disappoint.

After three thrilling rounds of high-paced action, Tawanchai walked away with the decision win. But Nattawut, who accepted the matchup on two weeks’ notice, proved he could hang with his 25-year-old compatriot and push him to the limit.

Now, eight months later, the two will throw down under their preferred rule set, and the global fan base can expect another unforgettable war.

Here are five reasons why this epic World Title rematch will be different from their initial encounter.

#1 It’s A Five-Round World Title Fight

The first three-round battle between Tawanchai and Nattawut left fans wanting for more. They’re in luck now, as this ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Title showdown is scheduled for five rounds.

Beyond the massive implications that come with the prestige and drama of a ONE World Title fight, the additional two rounds (if it gets that far) will give each man the opportunity to further showcase his skills, grit, and warrior spirit.

#2 Tawanchai Is Determined To Finish Nattawut

With his devastatingly powerful kicks and pinpoint accurate counter-strikes, Tawanchai is undeniably one of the most feared knockout artists on the planet.

However, the reigning divisional king wasn’t able to finish Nattawut in their first encounter and hasn’t scored a knockout since his brutal, arm-breaking stoppage of Davit Kiria last August. He is surely motivated to achieve a more definitive result in his rematch with “Smokin” Jo and remind fans why he’s so dangerous.

#3 Nattawut’s Scary Power In 4-Ounce Gloves

Because this contest will be conducted under the Global Muay Thai Rule Set, the combatants will be wearing 4-ounce gloves. That’s great news for the hard-hitting Nattawut.

All throughout his decorated career, the 34-year-old has employed ruthless boxing combinations to establish himself as one of Muay Thai’s most powerful punchers, and that show-stopping power will be amplified in the smaller gloves.

#4 It Goes Down In The Circle

The duo’s first battle took place in the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium ring, but the rematch will go down in the Circle, which presents a significant change to the dynamic of the bout.

The larger space and lack of corners in the Circle means that both athletes will have more room to maneuver and cut angles, making footwork and movement a key factor.

#5 Nattawut Wants To Put A Cap On His Career

Currently ranked #3 in the featherweight Muay Thai division, Nattawut admits that he’s nearing the end of his storied career.

He’s accomplished plenty in the sport, even winning a WMC Muay Thai World Title, but he’s determined to add one more piece of hardware to his trophy case. With that in mind, fans should look forward to a supremely motivated “Smokin” Jo, as he knows this is likely his last shot at ONE Championship gold.

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