4 Reasons Angela Lee Is A Real-Life Superhero

“Unstoppable” Angela Lee may be a mere mortal, but her growing list of deeds will live on in legend.

The 21-year-old Singaporean is the reigning and defending ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion, and she has emerged as one of the world’s best superstar martial artists.

Caped crusaders have become a huge part of the mainstream consciousness in recent years thanks to a surge of blockbuster movies, but many forget there are some real-life superheroes among us. Lee is one such figure, and here’s why.

#1 She Has Incredible Abilities

Lee has been training in martial arts ever since she was able to walk. As a result of this lifetime of training, she is capable of things that almost nobody else is capable of.

Just take a look at her trophy cabinet – her competitive fire and skills have led her to multiple grappling and wrestling championships, two Pankration world championships, and most important of all, the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Title.

Unbeaten in her entire professional career, Lee has defeated every woman to stand across the cage from her and has done so in dominant fashion, finishing all but one of her eight wins.

#2 She Achieves The Impossible

When Lee burst onto the global stage in 2015, nobody other than her family believed she would become the youngest-ever martial arts world champion in a major promotion.

“Unstoppable” did just that. After submitting five consecutive opponents, including a spectacular twister finish, she claimed the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Championship at just 19 years of age in May 2016.

What’s more, she accomplished that feat by defeating veteran Japanese warrior Mei Yamaguchi, a seasoned competitor who had almost five times the amount of experience Lee did when they met at ONE: ASCENT TO POWER.

#3 She Overcomes Overwhelming Odds

Every superheroine needs to overcome adversity. That is what attracts people to them in the first place, and there are plenty of obstacles our faithful heroine has had to overcome.

Besides constantly silencing her critics with dazzling performances against increasingly skilled competitors, Lee showed incredible courage in her most recent title defense.

Against two-time Muay Thai world champion Istela Nunes, Lee had to battle both her dangerous opponent and a pre-bout case of pneumonia, which meant the odds were incredibly stacked against her.

In a tremendous show of courage and grit, Lee persevered, and ultimately submitted her opponent in the second round.

#4 She Inspires Millions

In a world dominated by male role models, Lee helps to fill the void. After all, from Hollywood blockbusters to the cage, male heroes have become the dominant figures in pop culture today, but “Unstoppable” has made it her mission to break that stereotype. 

Through her stunning accomplishments, charisma, and sparkling star power, Lee has emerged as an inspirational figure for people around the world – especially other women and young girls – to rally behind. Just look at her international media presence and rabid social media following.

She constantly shows the world that any dream is possible as long as you work for it, inspiring countless others to follow in her shining example. That alone is something that separates a superhero from a mere athlete.