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Mar 24, 2023 7:30PM ICT
Mar 24, 2023 8:30AM EDT
Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok

ONE Friday Fights 10

230324 BKK OFF10 1800x1200px
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Just one week after smashing the television ratings and hosting the most-viewed Muay Thai event in history, the world’s largest martial arts organization returns to Lumpinee Boxing Stadium with ONE Friday Fights 10 on March 24!

Headlining the show will be a clash between battle-hardened superstars Yodkritsada and Theptaksin, and the winner could announce himself as a future contender for Nong-O’s ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title.

The card also features the return of hard-hitting veterans Chorfah and dynamic Kyrgyzstani striker Sherzod Kabutov. Also, it marks the debut of Yu Karino, a star pupil of MMA legend Ryo Chonan.

Mark your calendars, find out how you can watch ONE Friday Fights 10 live, and get ready for another evening full of explosive Muay Thai and MMA action!


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Main Card

Catchweight (131.84 LBS) Muay Thai
Yodkritsada vs. Sor Sornsing
Yodkrisada avatar 500x345
Thepthaksin avatar 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Bantamweight Muay Thai
PK Saenchai vs. Lukjaomaesaiwaree
Paedsanlek_PKSaenchai avatar 500x345
Panrit_Lukjaomaesaiwaree avatar 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Catchweight (115.96 LBS) Muay Thai
Erawan vs. Sor Salacheep
Rak avatar 500x345
Chusap avatar 500x345 2
Strawweight Muay Thai
PK Saenchai vs. Kallistis
Teeyai_PKSaenchai avatar 500x345 1
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Manolis_Kallistis avatar 500x345 2
Flyweight Muay Thai
Jitmuangnon vs. Sonrak
Supalek avatar 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Sonrak_Fairtex avatar 500x345 2
Supalek Jitmuangnon VS Sonrak Fairtex
Thailand Country Myanmar [Burma]
Catchweight (117.95 LBS) Muay Thai
Thongpoon vs. Kiatsongrit
Thongpoon avatar 500x345
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Tomorrow avatar 500x345
Catchweight (136.47 LBS) Muay Thai
Chorfah vs. Kabutov
Chorfah avatar 500x345
WIN Split Decision (R3) SD (R3)
Sherzod_Kabutov Avatar 500x345
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Or Pimolsri vs. Bielen
Yod IQ avatar 500x345
Samuel_Bielen avatar 500x345
Bantamweight MMA
Karino vs. Parshikov
Yu_Karino avatar 500x345
Ivan_Parshikov avatar 500x345
WIN Submission (R1) SUB (R1)
Catchweight (159.84 LBS) Muay Thai
Petrov vs. Lombardo
Anton_Petrov avatar 500x345 2
Luca_Lombardo avatar 500x345 2
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Sitphuyainilan vs. Shibata
Petklangna avatar 500x345
Shingo_Shibata avatar 500x345
WIN Split Decision (R3) SD (R3)