The Best Submissions Of 2016 #4: Narantungalag Jadambaa’s Von Flue Choke

ONE: ASCENT TO POWER last May was a truly epic spectacle of amazing fights. And while there were many fighters and performances that captured the admiration of fans in attendance, was there any fighter more impressive than Narantungalag Jadambaa? Only Angela Lee may have given a better performance on the night.

The former ONE Featherweight World Champion, Jadambaa proved he remains a high-caliber fighter despite dropping his title to reigning champion Marat Gafurov. In manhandling former ONE Lightweight World Champion Kotetsu Boku, Jadambaa put every bit of his prowess on display.

There is just something about Jadambaa that is so physically imposing that makes him such a tough matchup for anyone. First of all, he is as hard as rock. Jadambaa can absorb punishment like no other, and he can dish out just as much too. What is even scarier is that he can wrestle and grapple as well.

After dominating Boku in striking and mat exchanges, Jadambaa showed fans he is not just a powerful puncher, but that he is also a very crafty grappler.

Towards the end of the third round, Jadambaa shot in for a single-leg and dragged Boku to the canvas, winding up in side control. As Boku’s right arm wrapped around Jadambaa’s head angling for a guillotine choke, the Mongolian fighter intelligently used this position to his advantage.

From there, Jadambaa slyly worked on a Von Flue choke that Boku never saw coming. Boku, being the warrior that he is, refused to tap out, and as a result he took a short nap.