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Alain Ngalani Leaps Into A New Pair Of Pants

Most people put on pants one leg at a time, but Alain “The Panther” Ngalani isn’t a regular guy.

The Cameroonian heavyweight shared his latest athletic feat via social media, showing off a fun new way to get ready for action with the help of a couple friends.

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As two partners hold the garment up, Ngalani leaps into the air and flawlessly lands in his red pants. Making matters even more impressive, he immediately defends an incoming takedown by flipping over the shot, showing he is always ready for whatever comes his way.

The dynamic striker has one of the most active social media accounts, where he routinely displays his jaw-dropping athleticism and power. This trick is just the latest example of what makes Ngalani one of the most inspiring athletes in the world.

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