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Sagetdao ADUX9576
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Rika Ishige ADUX9352
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Kotetsu Boku CTT_8192
Rika Ishige vs Audreylaura Boniface ADUX9992
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Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke goes to punch Robin Catalan
Ben Askren SGDC6123
Ben Askren SGDC5981
Amir Khan SGDC5654
Leandro Issa SGDC4872
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Ben Askren DA 2
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One Presser MBS 10
Ben Askren IMG_4910
Ben Askren 140830 JustinNgPhoto 1931
Amir Khan ADUX9962

Leandro Issa’s Dominant Decision Win Over Dae Kwan Kim

He put on an incredible display of skill to defeat Dae Hwan Kim.

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