Stamp Fairtex Plans To Finish Anissa Meksen, Then ‘Dance Right In Front Of Her’

Stamp Fairtex after winning the match at ONE on Prime Video 2

Stamp Fairtex is fired up for her mixed rules super-fight against French-Algerian striking great Anissa Meksen on Friday, January 13.

The pair will face off in an atomweight clash that alternates between Muay Thai and MMA rules at ONE Fight Night 6: Superbon vs. Allazov, and Stamp believes this format will give her an advantage.

Although she’s a former ONE World Champion in both kickboxing and Muay Thai, the 25-year-old superstar has committed herself to mixed martial arts in recent years.

That dedication has certainly paid off, as Stamp won the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix, earned the #1 atomweight MMA ranking, and nearly dethroned divisional queen Angela Lee in March 2022.

Now, she expects her well-rounded skill set to produce a victory over Meksen at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Thai said:

“I believe I have practiced more than her and have more experience on the ground because I have only been focusing on MMA during the past two years. I definitely had more time to concentrate on MMA compared to [Meksen], who just started training in MMA after hearing the news about the super-fight. 

“I don’t think she is good enough. And even though she had trained in MMA before, it was a long time ago. The fact that she doesn’t train it regularly, she should forget everything when it comes to a real fight.”

Stamp – who recently earned her purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – has showcased her newfound grappling prowess with both submission and ground-and-pound finishes inside the Circle.

But while she sees a clear advantage on the ground, the Thai also thinks Meksen will experience a rude awakening if she expects to dominate their matchup on the feet.

The former atomweight Muay Thai and kickboxing queen said:

“I think I can finish her in the MMA round because I think I’m better than her in MMA. She said her striking skill is better than mine. I want to ask her back, ‘Did you forget that I used to be Muay Thai World Champion?’ That means I will never let her bully me without a fight. 

“Her words seems to ruin my reputation as Muay Thai World Champion. I can’t tell you which round, but I will definitely finish her by way of knockout or submission.”

Stamp Wants Meksen To Pay For Her Disrespectful Words

Stamp Fairtex has earned legions of fans due to her fun-loving and kind personality, and it’s rare to see her get riled up before a fight.

But this time, it’s different.

The Fairtex athlete feels like Anissa Meksen has not given her the respect she deserves, and as a result, she has extra motivation for their mixed rules clash in Bangkok.

Stamp said: 

“Anissa is really good and strong. Her build is [strong] and she has a lion’s heart. I admit that she is really talented. But I don’t like the way she disrespects me. No matter how good you are, you shouldn’t look down on your opponent. 

“She said she was better than me in everything because she is a fighter and I am a dancer. But if I can catch her in the Muay Thai clinch, she will definitely be doomed. She will never run away from my elbows in that clinch.”

Given the ridicule she has received from Meksen, Stamp will step into the Circle with a point to prove.

She wants to show that her skills are among the best in the world, regardless of her entertaining antics. At the same time, she can’t wait to make “C18” eat her words.

The Thai added:

“I’ve prepared to feed her with my elbows so that she can’t trash talk for good. It is okay to provoke your opponent with juicy trash talk, but I think she crossed the line too much this time.  

“She said I’m a dancer. So, my plan is that after I submit or knock her out, I’m going to dance right in front of her to show that she was just defeated by a dancer.”

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