Guto Inocente Shocks Rade Opacic With Walk-Off KO In First Round

Guto Inocente is pleased after he wins via knockout at ONE 158

The bigger they come, the harder they fall.

Guto Inocente proved that when he finished the seemingly unbeatable 6-foot-7 Rade Opacic in their heavyweight kickboxing clash at ONE 158: Tawanchai vs. Larsen on Friday, 3 June.

Opacic entered this contest as the leading force in the division, but the 36-year-old Brazilian stopped his opponent’s ascent – and his dominant four-fight winning streak – with a stunning body knockout at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The big men took center Circle following the opening bell, as the 24-year-old Serbian moved forward and then laterally to cut off Inocente, who tried to feint and bait his rival.

A poised Opacic shielded himself behind his gloves and occasionally popped jabs at his foe, but the veteran danced, ducked, and delivered punch and kick combos.

Then, in a sudden turn of events, Opacic landed a straight right that spun the Brazilian sideways and onto the Circle Wall, where he was forced to backpedal away from incoming attacks.

Inocente found a brief respite in the clinch, but the Serbian continued to punish him with knees.

Guto Inocente eats a punch from Rade Opacic at ONE 158

The combatants separated, and after a few exchanges, Opacic faked a right knee before stepping in with a left knee.

As he did, Inocente drove a sharp jab into his liver, sending the Serbian giant down to the canvas.

Opacic was unable to meet the eight-count, and referee Olivier Coste stopped the action at 2:33 of round one, awarding Inocente his second KO in two ONE Championship appearances.

The victory bumped the Brazilian legend’s combined striking record to 40-10 and showed that he’s a serious threat to claim the inaugural ONE Heavyweight Kickboxing World Title.

Guto Inocente wins via knockout at ONE 158

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