Gheirati Finishes Godtfredsen To Stay Perfect in ONE, Estupinan Drops Jaws On Debut At ONE Friday Fights 64

Parham Gheirati Jordan Godtfredsen ONE Friday Fights 64 18

Another thrilling edition of ONE Championship’s weekly combat sports series went down on Friday, May 24, inside Bangkok, Thailand’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

ONE Friday Fights 64 showcased Muay Thai, MMA, and submission grappling across its 12-fight card, and fans were treated to highlight-reel stoppages and blistering battles from top to bottom.

In case you missed anything from this week’s show, here’s a recap of everything that took place live in Asia primetime.

Gheirati Moves To 4-0 With KO Win Against Godtfredsen

Parham Gheirati kept his destructive run in ONE Championship alive with a second-round knockout of Jordan Godtfredsen in the evening’s bantamweight Muay Thai main event.

The scrap opened evenly between the striking pair, with Godtfredsen bringing the necessary pressure as his foe shot back and traded with him in the center of the ring. 

The second frame was another classic up-close affair. Gheirati landed multiple sneaky body and head shots on Godtfredsen, forcing the Aussie to back away. When he did, the Iranian slugger stamped a huge push kick into “Wolf’s” face to send him down to the canvas for good at 0:40 of round two.

Gheirati moved to an impressive 4-0 in ONE with the win and 13-5 in his career overall.

Petmuangsri Forces Denphuthai To Quit In Round One

The sheer power of Petmuangsri Wankhongohm MBK‘s kick caused Denphuthai MC Superlek Muaythaik to throw in the towel in their flyweight Muay Thai scrap.

Denphuthai set the tone early with strong punches, and he was able to sneak in a well-placed knee during a brief clinch exchange while his Thai compatriot gauged the distance with outside kicks.

After trading blows, Petmuangsri dove in with a right cross followed by a kick that connected with Denphuthai’s left hand.

The Sit Jack Muay Thai affiliate called timeout and returned to his corner to get his fist checked. He was deemed unable to continue, so Petmuangsri was handed the TKO win at 1:19 of the first round – his 58th career victory.

Petmorakot Puts Down Resurgence From Dieselnoi To Earn Win

Petmorakot Sitnayoktaweeptaphong and Dieselnoi Liamthanawat sent fans into a frenzy with their action-packed 127-pound catchweight Muay Thai war.

Petmorakot got off to a dream start with a pair of early knockdowns courtesy of his left cross-right hook salvos. It looked like his foe was there for the taking, but Dieselnoi’s massive heart kept him in the contest. 

The Sak Buriram star continued to sting his fellow Thai with heavy left hands in round two, but Dieselnoi started to find his rhythm, and he scored well in the clinch. 

He stomped forward in the final frame, walking through heavy lefts from Petmorakot to land with punches and knees.  

Though Dieselnoi’s output in the latter stages was noteworthy, it couldn’t overcome Petmorakot’s first-round knockdowns and heavy punching, and he was handed the win via unanimous decision in the end, moving his professional slate to 41-17-3. 

Lamsing Outstrikes Dabdam In Three-Round Spectacle

The Lumpinee crowd will certainly remember the night they saw Lamsing Sor Dechapan and Dabdam Por Tor Tor Thongtawee collide in 126-pound catchweight Muay Thai.

Lamsing managed to get ahead with high pressure early on, and he mixed his strikes with funky footwork to produce big moments. 

The pace picked up in round two as Dabdam attempted to get back on solid ground, but his fellow Thai was there with well-timed elbows to make him pay for entering his space. 

All hell then broke loose in the final frame. Dabdam knew he was behind, so he went as far as he could for as long as possible, staying in Lamsing’s face throughout.

But the Sor Dechapan man gave plenty back, and his late fire and early aggression earned him the unanimous decision win in the end, pushing him to 2-0 in ONE Championship and 68-15 overall. 

Got’s Lower Body Assault Ekes Out Win Against Robocop

Robocop Radgoldgym Got Taipetburi ONE Friday Fights 64 10

Got Taipetburi worked hard to chop down Robocop Radgoldgym in their back-and-forth 120-pound catchweight Muay Thai battle, and his efforts paid off in the end.

Knowing his foe’s penchant for moving forward, Got methodically brought the action close and tenderized his lead leg every chance he could.

Robocop was able to mount offense from the clinch in the second frame, but Got kept him at bay with push kicks and let his hands fly whenever he got the chance.

Both fighters emptied their tanks in the final round, trading heavy punches and knees until the final bell. In the end, though, Got’s early offense and volume earned him the split-decision nod, and he recorded his 51st career victory.

Petninmungkorn Finishes Akkaradet With Blistering KO

Petninmungkorn Captainkaneboxing obliterated Akkaradet Guaybangkorlaem in the first round of their atomweight Muay Thai clash.  

The 26-year-old star came out flying with aerial elbows, but it was his accurate boxing that got the job done soon after.  

Akkaradet looked to make inroads with wide hooks, but Petninmungkorn worked inside his rival’s punches to score a thudding right hand and his first knockdown.  

When his Thai compatriot got back to his feet, Petninmungkorn uncorked another massive overhand right that turned Akkaradet’s light out for good, securing him a debut win in ONE Championship at 1:37 of the first frame and pushing his record to 61-20-1. 

Teeyai Slumps Sato In Under 60 Seconds

Teeyai PK Saenchai got back to winning ways in ONE Friday Fights against Shuto Sato, and he needed less than a minute to do so in their 120-pound catchweight Muay Thai contest.

The pair began by swinging in close proximity, and it didn’t take long for a devastating blow to land. 

It came via an overhand right hook from Teeyai that landed on Shuto’s head. The Japanese star initially looked like he shook it off, but a delayed reaction saw him slump on the other side of the ring at 0:48 of round one.

Teeyai moved to 60-21-12 in his career with the KO win, and 5-1 in ONE.

Estupinan Stays Perfect With First-Round KO Of Omori

Johan “Panda Kick” Estupinan kept his unbeaten streak alive in his ONE Championship debut, with a swift mauling of Kouta “Black Samurai” Omori in their 141-pound catchweight Muay Thai battle.

The Colombian star was as electric as advertised as he came out with a flying kick-superman punch combo and continued to assert his dominance with flashy kicks and sharp punches.

Omori did his best to fire back, but the difference in speed and power was glaring when Estupinan upped the ante and cracked him with right straight and left cross lasers.

“Black Samurai” was visibly dazed, and he dropped his guard momentarily, which was enough to seal his fate.

Estupinan uncorked a crushing roundhouse kick to the jaw that left Omori out on his feet, and he finished proceedings with a venomous left hand at the 27-second mark of the first frame to move his record to a pristine 23-0.

Noppadet Edges Out Nawaaek With Heavy Boxing Attack

Nawaaek Sor Sommai Noppadet Chor Hapayak ONE Friday Fights 64 10

Noppadet Chor Hapayak overcame a game Nawaaek Sor Sommai after three rounds of furious 134-pound catchweight Muay Thai action.  

The 21-year-old debutant let rip with heavy hands from the opening bell as his rival struggled to find his range and ended up on the canvas after overextending more than once.  

Noppadet continued in that same vein in round two, adding elbows into his attack to cut his Thai compatriot’s head. 

Nawaaek came on strong in the final frame and scored with elbows to come close to evening the score. But it was too little, too late for the Sor Sommai man, and Noppadet took the win via split decision to bank his 41st career victory. 

Seyid Showcases Grappling Expertise To Remain Unbeaten

The epitome of a striker versus grappler battle played out in the bantamweight MMA meeting between Isfak “General” Seyid and Felipe “The Hero of Saigon” Negochadle

Seyid closed the distance from the start in an attempt to nullify his foe’s weaponry on the feet. But instead of shooting immediately for the takedown, he mixed it up with strong knees and sneaky punches to keep Negochadle guessing.

The unbeaten Turkish-Afghani star went to his bread and butter as the fight progressed, and he found success with takedowns and high-pressure grappling that served to wear his opposite man down.

Despite a late scare that saw Seyid under fire from Negochadle in the third round, the judges ultimately saw enough work across the 15 minutes to reward “General” the unanimous decision win, and he moved to 2-0 in ONE and 6-0 overall.

Katashima Overcomes Jiang With Two-Round Beatdown

Satoshi Katashima weathered an early onslaught from Jiang Lumin in their 126-pound catchweight Muay Thai showdown to come back and score a wicked finish.

Sanda star Jiang came out firing with wild spinning attacks, but Katashima picked his spots wisely and landed counters before ending the first round strongly with a torrent of elbows.

Sensing he had the momentum, the 33-year-old got right into his younger foe’s face in the second frame and continued his close-range barrage. And just 43 seconds in, Katashima found the finish via a textbook punch-elbow combination that sent Jiang down for good.

With the knockout, the Japanese star scored his first win in ONE and the 24th of his career overall.

Slick Heel Hook Earns Late Win For Ishiguro

Shoya Ishiguro caught a slick finish in the dying stages of his 139-pound catchweight submission grappling battle against Bruno “Macaco” Azevedo

Both men had their moments in a battle that looked destined for the judges’ scorecards.  

Azevedo scored with a double-leg takedown and went after several toe holds, while his Japanese rival hunted for a choke from back control before looking for entries to attack the legs.  

For the most part, “Macaco” was savvy enough to defend Ishiguro’s leg lock attempts. But at 9:17 of the contest, the Carpe Diem athlete’s efforts paid off when he rolled into a tight inside heel hook and secured the tap. 

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