‘Everything On The Line’ – Joshua Pacio Sizes Up Hiroba Minowa Vs. Jeremy Miado At ONE Fight Night 23

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Joshua “The Passion” Pacio might be on the sidelines due to injury, but the ONE Strawweight MMA World Champion is keeping up with the action in his division.  
At ONE Fight Night 23: Ok vs. Rasulov on Prime Video, the Filipino star will be closely watching the clash between Hiroba Minowa and Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado, knowing the result will impact the division’s top five.

Minowa is currently the #4-ranked contender, while Miado is eager to claim a spot by earning the victory in U.S. primetime this Friday, July 5. 
With Pacio out and Jarred “The Monkey God” Brooks facing Gustavo “El Gladiador” Balart for the interim belt in August, there’s a lot of movement within the top order, but to stay relevant among the chaos, this is a must-win battle for the two seasoned warriors. 
Both Minowa and Miado have lost their last three contests, and with their backs against the wall, Pacio thinks they will go for broke at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. 
He told onefc.com: 

“Both fighters face significant challenges going into this bout. Driven by their hunger for victory, I anticipate a showdown where they put everything on the line.  
“Given the division’s current developments, it’s either a sprint to the top or a fierce battle to hold onto their positions in the rankings.” 

Always proud to represent the Philippines, Pacio loves to see his compatriots fly the flag on the global stage, and for that reason, he’s cheering for Miado to pull off the win.
However, he knows “The Jaguar” has a hard test ahead of him, pitting his elite striking against the relentless wrestling of his Japanese opponent.

“The Passion” said:

“Of course, I’m rooting for Jeremy Miado. But, objectively speaking, the fighter who strategically deploys their best weapons first is likely to win the match.” 

Pacio Weighs Up The Skills Of Miado And Minowa 

It’s no secret that both Jeremy Miado and Hiroba Minowa will enter the ring with definitive plans on July 5.  
Minowa’s grappling-heavy game has brought him the most success throughout his MMA career, while “The Jaguar’s” concussive striking has been his biggest asset.  
With that in mind, Joshua Pacio knows one wrong step could spell danger for either man – whether it’s standing or on the canvas:

“Hiroba Minowa is a force on the ground, making him a daunting opponent to contend with once he establishes his grappling game. However, Jeremy Miado possesses a powerful advantage of his own. He packs a serious punch with his fists and is skilled in striking techniques.  
“Hiroba Minowa seems unlikely to engage in a striking battle with Jeremy Miado and will likely prioritize shooting for takedowns throughout the fight. I know Miado is aware of this, and without him telling me, I know he’s preparing hard to sharpen his takedown defense.” 

Above all, Pacio says the victory will come down to who can impose their game plan successfully.

As a striking-focused athlete who has spent round after round trying to fend off wrestlers, he understands how difficult it can be. 
But he also knows “The Jaguar” only needs a split second to connect and drastically change the direction of any fight. 
Pacio added: 

“If Miado manages to fend off Minowa’s takedowns and turns the fight into a striking battle, it could spell trouble for Minowa.” 
“Underestimating Jeremy Miado would be a mistake you can’t afford to make when facing him. With one strike, he can send you to sleep.”  

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