Dayane Cardoso ‘Not Scared’ Of Wondergirl’s Striking Ahead Of Mixed-Rules Match At ONE Fight Night 19

Dayane Cardoso makes her way to the ONE Circle at ONE 156

Dayane “Day Monster” Cardoso’s first ONE Championship defeat has made her even hungrier for success. 

The Brazilian knockout artist is doing everything in her power to ensure she gets back on the winning track when she returns against Nat “Wondergirl” Jaroonsak in a mixed-rules strawweight showdown at ONE Fight Night 19 on Prime Video

That battle will take place in U.S. primetime on February 16, and Cardoso is determined to showcase her improvements when she steps into the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Reflecting on her setback against Meng Bo last April, “Day Monster” said: 

“Sometimes, one step back is what we need to take several steps forward. I came back with much more thirst and desire to win. I’m doing two more training sessions [per day] than I did in my last training camp, and I’m sure this will make a huge difference.” 

Cardoso and “Wondergirl” will alternate between Muay Thai and MMA rules for four rounds, with each athlete seemingly having an advantage in one area. 

The Thai striker has more experience in “the art of eight limbs,” while Cardoso has competed more in mixed martial arts. 

But given her own background in Muay Thai, “Day Monster” didn’t think twice about accepting the match and is not worried about getting through the first stand-up round:

“I’m a fighter. I make a living from this, so I want to fight. No matter who is on the other side, I will always be ready to put on a show. I have the ambition to be a World Champion, so I don’t care who I fight against and under what rules. I want to beat the best to become the best. 

“I’m not scared of her style because I also came from Muay Thai, and I’ve been doing it for years. I see myself as an opponent who will make her work hard in the area she specializes in, and you will see that.” 

Dayane Cardoso Expects To Finish Wondergirl

Dayane Cardoso is confident she can beat Nat “Wondergirl” Jaroonsak in any range of their upcoming mixed-rules clash at ONE Fight Night 19.  

The 27-year-old is not discounting her opponent’s skill set, but she feels like her Muay Thai background will put her in a good position for the stand-up rounds, while her MMA experience will give her a big advantage on the ground.

“Day Monster” explained: 

“She is a very tough fighter with great striking. I respect her a lot. But like her, I’m also very tough and I trust myself and my hands. 

“Her strong point is certainly her striking, where she has many weapons and a vast combination of punches and kicks. I think her weak point is grappling. Even though she is training grappling for this fight, I know that this is not her specialty.” 

With faith in her all-around game and power that saw her blitz Ayaka “Zombie” Miura in her promotional debut, Cardoso is ready to unleash her full arsenal in front of the Bangkok crowd.  

The Carioca Academy representative expects “Wondergirl” to be a tough nut to crack initially, but she also expects to earn a stoppage at some point in the match.

She added: 

“I’m ready for both modalities. I feel like I can knock her out, but because she’s a Muay Thai fighter, I believe she can resist my blows for a while. On the ground, I see that I can submit her at any time. 

“She absorbs blows well, so I believe she can withstand my striking in the first round. But this fight won’t go beyond the second round when it will be under MMA rules. 

“I’m going to put on a show and knock her out to show the world what I’m capable of.” 

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