‘Attacking Each Other Every Second’ – Musumeci Expects Thrilling World Title Clash Between Ruotolo And Langaker

Mikey Musumeci Osamah Almarwai ONE Fight Night 10 54

Fresh off an exciting performance at ONE Fight Night 10: Johnson vs. Moraes III on Prime Video, reigning flyweight submission grappling king Mikey Musumeci knows the ingredients for an entertaining ground battle.

That’s why he’s so excited about the upcoming showdown between ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Champion Kade Ruotolo and Norwegian sensation Tommy Langaker on June 9.

The much-anticipated clash between two of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s best goes down live in U.S. primetime from the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, at ONE Fight Night 11: Eersel vs. Menshikov on Prime Video.

According to Musumeci, fans can expect an absolute barnburner when Ruotolo and Langaker lock horns, thanks to each athlete’s propensity for ultra-aggressive, attack-oriented grappling.

“Darth Rigatoni” told ONEFC.com:

“I expect this match to be very exciting. I think that [ONE] did a great job making this match. I don’t see any anti-jiu-jitsu in this. Tommy only knows one pace, and that’s going forward and attacking. And Ruotolo, I don’t think he knows anything else except attacking. So [it’s going to be] two guys, both attacking each other every second. I don’t really know what happens in this match, I just know it’s going to be very exciting.”

The New Jersey native praised the two combatants and their world-class submission skills.

Regarding Langaker – a man long considered Europe’s top BJJ athlete – Musumeci is blown away by the Norwegian’s rapid ascension up the no-gi ranks after years of competing in the gi and winning the prestigious ADCC European Trials on his first attempt.

Musumeci said:

“[Langaker is] new to no-gi, but he’s excelled instantly. He literally won the ADCC Trials. I think he’s had no, no-gi experience other than the ADCC Trials. It was his first try. I think that he has so much potential. He has a great game for it, his guard is great.”

As for Ruotolo, Musumeci recognizes that the ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Champion and his twin brother Tye Ruotolo possess truly elite skills in all areas of grappling.

He said:

“The Ruotolos are probably the best right now in the world in everything. [Kade Ruotolo is] so good everywhere. His passing, his attacks, his attacks to the back, his leglocks. It’s so crazy.”

Musumeci Excited To Learn From World Title Battle

Mikey Musumeci is known for his hyper-analytical, computer-like mind for complex jiu-jitsu techniques and tactics. Naturally, he’s already given plenty of thought to the World Title tussle between Kade Ruotolo and Tommy Langaker.

That said, “Darth Rigatoni” believes this match will involve the challenger attempting to attack from one of his favorite positions — the K-guard — in an attempt to take the back. Musumeci expects Ruotolo, in turn, to try to pass the guard from the outside.

Musumeci predicted:

“I’m excited to see the exchanges when Tommy plays K-guard on Kade, how Kade handles the K-guard, and how Kade is going to work outside, passing on Tommy’s guard. Because Tommy’s guard is so good at attacking the legs, he’s so aggressive even with his arm bars. 

“As a jiu-jitsu fan, I’m excited to watch it and learn from both of them because they’re both amazing.”

Taking his breakdown a step further, the BJJ black belt thinks Ruotolo will look to attack from the rear mount, but that’s actually one area in which the Norwegian could have the advantage.

He said:

“If Kade’s going to take his back, he’s going to have to do it really, really aggressively and fast. But I think it’s going to be very difficult to do, and Tommy is amazing at taking the back. So if Kade goes into that game with him, Tommy might be really good at countering and attacking his back.”

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