Anissa Meksen Says Stamp Fairtex ‘Was Nothing’ Before Entering ONE Championship

Anissa Meksen stands in the Circle at ONE on Prime Video 2

Anissa Meksen believes her pedigree will propel her to success when she battles Stamp Fairtex on Friday, January 13.

That evening, the French-Algerian striking legend will face Stamp in a historic mixed rules super-fight that alternates between Muay Thai and MMA at ONE Fight Night 6: Superbon vs. Allazov on Prime Video.

Although she recognizes her foe as a “good opponent,” Meksen believes she owns the necessary experience to overcome this unique challenge.

With an astonishing record of 103-5, the seven-time Kickboxing and Muay World Champion has an unmatched resume in the striking world.

And while Stamp also held Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Titles in ONE – before more recently becoming the top atomweight MMA contender – Mekesen simply feels the three-sport star is beneath her.

The 34-year-old said of her 25-year-old rival:

“Before [Stamp] entered ONE Championship, I’m sorry to say it, but she was nothing. She had no title, no fame, and when she entered ONE, ONE built her, built her career. 

“It’s not the same for me. I took everybody out [who was in] my way. I did not choose opponents, nothing. So we will see if she’s the bigger star.”

So far, Meksen has looked unstoppable in ONE Championship, posting three straight victories in dominant fashion.

The powerful Phuket Fight Club representative expects more of the same this time around, though she’s eager to add another finish by getting Stamp out of there early.

She said:

“My goal is to finish her, 100 percent. It doesn’t matter during which round, but a first-round [finish] would be good. So my goal is to finish her in the first round. [Fans can expect] a quick fight.”

Annissa Meksen Confident She Can Adjust To MMA Against Stamp

While many fans were initially surprised when Anissa Meksen vs. Stamp Fairtex was announced as a mixed rules super-fight, it was not as much of a curveball for “C18.”

The format will alternate between Muay Thai and MMA – a sport that Meksen has never competed in – but the French-Algerian legend does have some past experience with the all-around rule set.

She revealed:

“I trained in MMA in 2017, and after that, I trained in MMA for three years. Now, I just came back and my skills feel good. It was a little bit difficult to come back, but now I feel better and I feel comfortable.”

Though she’s known as one of the greatest women’s strikers of all time, Meksen predicts she’ll have some surprises up her sleeve for the audience if things progress past the opening Muay Thai stanza. 

Stamp has been busy in MMA – winning the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix last year – but Meksen also has a background in the grappling arts, and she feels equipped for any situation on January 13.

She added:

“I did judo for six years. Nobody knows that, but I have experience in judo and I work a lot on my wrestling. I’m ready for everything.

“I trained hard in wrestling and in grappling. I have a good team. It doesn’t matter what happens. I will be ready for sure.”

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