Ok Rae Yoon Says Christian Lee’s Talk Only Makes Him Sound ‘Weaker’ Ahead Of Rematch

Ok beats Lee

Ok Rae Yoon has largely stayed silent despite several comments from Christian “The Warrior” Lee about their ONE Lightweight World Title fight last September.

The South Korean sensation dethroned “The Warrior” with a stunning unanimous decision victory in their previous encounter, and the rivals are now preparing to run it back in the main event of ONE 160 on Friday, August 26.

Immediately after that first encounter, Lee jumped on the mic and asserted that he deserved to earn the decision.

Ok strongly disagreed and thought “The Warrior’s” remarks were mostly uncalled for – especially once the result was cemented. And now, he’s speaking publicly about the situation.

The reigning lightweight king told ONE Championship:

“First of all, in terms of total strikes, I was superior to Christian Lee. After the third round, perhaps due to physical strain or fatigue, Christian adopted a high guard and was constantly seen backing away several times. 

“From then until the final round, Lee appeared to be struggling to survive through the rounds, which is why I believe I was the definite winner.

“Since [his first comments were] as right after the match, I felt that it was an understandable situation for him to make an appeal to the judges. But even so, to behave that way after a match has been finalized honestly didn’t look too good.”

In the months that followed, Lee stuck to his guns and continued to state that he should be the rightful ONE Lightweight World Champion.

Meanwhile, the South Korean was content to relish his victory and bask in the glory of his first World Title belt.

It’s a tactic that allowed Ok to stay away from any controversy – but it’s also clear that he believes silence is a sign of strength.

The Team MAD athlete said:

“A real king of the jungle can sit still and be quiet, and those around him will instinctively know that he is strong.

“But those that are weaker down the food chain, like a cat, they tend to hiss and growl and make more sound, since they know they are the weaker of the two. That’s kind of what this situation feels like to me.”

Ok Rae Yoon Plans To End Christian Lee Rivalry With Another Win

Ok Rae Yoon knows that his back-and-forth ONE Lightweight World Title victory over Christian Lee left some room for debate. 

With that in mind, the 31-year-old wants to leave no doubt when they meet again on August 26.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s aiming for an early knockout of the Singaporean-American superstar.

Instead, the South Korean slugger thinks a five-round shutout might be the perfect way to showcase his dominance.

Ok added:

“I am definitely considering a finish with a clear strike, but even if I were to take him out with one punch, there is bound to be talk from people saying that it was a lucky punch and such. 

“If I were to show them a performance where I have the upper hand against Christian Lee and dominate him throughout the five rounds, I think that could possibly be a better option. 

“So a clean finish or dragging him out until the final round are all possible situations I am preparing for.”

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