How To Get As Ripped As Eduard Folayang

There are very few physical specimens quite like former ONE Lightweight World Champion Eduard “Landslide” Folayang. After all, the 33-year-old’s rock solid physique is always on full display whenever he showcases his incredible striking.

Folayang is no stranger to putting in the effort, and is famed for his relentless work ethic. He has been a martial artist for as long as he can remember, putting in long days at the gym and training all over the world to perfect his elite skills.

While the “Landslide” admits a lot of it has to do with genetics, he believes anyone can achieve their physical fitness goals as long as they set their mind to it. With the right amount of perseverance and determination, the Filipino superstar says you can trim down and look your absolute best.

#1 Push Yourself To The Limit At Least Once A Day

There are those who merely go through the motions, and then there are those who give it their all. Folayang says everyone knows deep down inside which camp they belong to when it comes to fitness.

“We all like to keep active. Any form of physical exercise is no doubt good for the health,” he says. “But in order to really see the results, we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Yes, we can just breeze through our daily exercise routines, but that will not show you the results you are looking for.”

Folayang regularly hones his skills in the high-altitudes of Baguio City, Philippines, where he pours hours of work into becoming the best he can be with his all-star stablemates at Team Lakay.

“It is important to push yourself, to break that mental barrier, and extend your capabilities,” he continues. “When your mind says you can do it, your body listens. You will be amazed at the things you can do when you remove self-doubt. Believe in yourself and push past your limits.”

#2 Quickly Expend As Much Energy As You Can

“It is not the length of time we spend training, but the quality of training we put into the time we have,” Folayang says. “Whether you have one hour, or three, it is what you do with the time that counts. As a general rule, look to expend as much energy as you can in as little time as possible.”

Martial artists at the elite level like “Landslide” normally spend around one to two hours training per session, with two or three training sessions spread throughout the day. While normal people are not expected to match this level of physical intensity, the Filipino icon believes improving your cardiovascular strength and endurance plays a huge role in athletic performance.

“Aim for short, explosive bursts of energy in order to get the blood pumping and the heart beating,” he adds. “Instead of jogging, sprint as fast as you can for a few minutes and rest. Swim laps as hard as you can, and then stop to take a breather. Repeat multiple times. Whatever the exercise, train your mind to unlock your body’s full potential. You will be surprised at what you are capable of.”

#3 Diversify Your Training

Folayang likes to keep in shape during the off-season, even when he has no bout scheduled, by cross-training in various physical activities aside from his usual martial arts training. The world champion has been blessed with living in the picturesque mountainscapes of Baguio City, where he likes to go hiking in the woods while breathing in the fresh air.

“Do not stick to one training routine. That often gets very repetitive and boring, and will give you a reason to quit,” he explains. “Diversify your training. Take up different sports like football or basketball. Go for an evening jog out in the park. Whatever you do, make it fun.”

Aside from practicing his martial arts skills, Folayang likes to change up his workout routine by participating in outdoor activities.

“It is important to not fall into the habit of repeating the same workout over and over. I have seen so many people start a workout routine only to abandon it in the end because it got boring very quickly. That is not going to get you results.”

#4 Enjoy The Outdoors

“If you ever get the chance, hiking or trekking is what I would recommend for people who like to explore and see new things,” Folayang says. “The views are breathtaking, and the clean mountain air is fresh and pleasant.”

According to Folayang, taking your mind off of working out is the key to doing more quality exercise in a consistent manner. Pack your bag, bring the necessities, and join your local mountaineering club. Pitch a tent and watch the sunrise from the side of a cliff. Bask in the cool mountain air and the company that you keep.

“The higher you climb the mountain, the more calories you burn, but you will hardly even notice because it is so engaging mentally and physically,” he explains. “You are not focused on how difficult it is to climb, but rather you are more focused on the things you can see and do along the way.”

And once you have reached the top and have claimed your victory, you are pretty much just halfway through. “The best thing about hiking is once you go up, you have to come back down — you have no choice,” the Filipino hero says, with a laugh.

#5 Practice Martial Arts

Of course, being the awesome martial artist that he is, Folayang recommends that everyone practice martial arts due to its many physical and mental benefits.

“First of all, there is no workout more intense than martial arts,” he says. “Martial arts will push you to your physical capacity like no other workout you have ever done before. It makes use of our entire bodies, engaging small and large muscle groups that we normally would not train when following a traditional workout regimen.”

Martial arts training is an incredibly physical ordeal, and can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour depending on the intensity. So when “Landslide” says it is a massive physical undertaking, he is certainly not cutting corners.

There are other benefits aside from the physical that Folayang says we should take note of, too.

“Martial arts improves your spirit and mind. It gives clarity to your thoughts, sharpens your focus, and gives you a positive outlook on life,” he explains. “It is more than just a workout. It is a lifestyle, and I highly recommend it.”