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पूर्व एटमवेट किकबॉक्सिंग वर्ल्ड चैंपियन

“किलर बी” काई टिंगृ चुआंग

भार सीमा
115.08 LBS / 52.2 KG
5'2" FT / 158 CM
29 Y
Hive Fighting

काई टिंगृ चुआंग के बारे में

Former ONE Super Series Kickboxing Atomweight World Champion Kai Ting Chuang almost had little chance to succeed in life. As a baby, she was abandoned by her parents in an orphanage, but was fortunately rescued by her grandmother, who then proceeded to raise her on her own.

Chuang began boxing as a young teenager, and showed enough promise in the sport to become a part of a famous high school team in Chinese Taiwan. Her pugilistic prowess eventually earned her a college scholarship to the National Taiwan University of Sport, where she met her current trainer, former K-1 competitor Wang Chung Yaun. After adding kickboxing and Muay Thai to her martial arts repertoire, she began traveling to Japan to compete in Shootboxing and kickboxing matches.

After winning three WAKO Kickboxing Titles, she found her way among the world’s best martial artists in ONE Championship. In a perfect promotional debut in 2018, she achieved a lifelong dream by defeating Muay Thai World Champion Yodcherry Sityodtong to claim her first World Title – the inaugural ONE Super Series Kickboxing Atomweight World Championship.

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Jul 12, 2019
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