Superlek vs. Danial Williams: 4 Keys To Flyweight Kickboxing World Title Victory

Superlek Kiatmoo9 throws a kick on Daniel Puertas at ONE Fight Night 6

Thai superstar Superlek Kiatmoo9 is facing a new challenger for his ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Title, but fans can still expect a barnburner this Friday, March 24.

With Rodtang Jitmuangnon pulling out due to injury, Australian-Thai slugger “Mini T” Danial Williams will step up to face “The Kicking Machine” in the main event of ONE Fight Night 8 on Prime Video.

While reigning king Superlek is known for his slick, technical striking, “Mini T” is at home in the trenches, which should produce an epic clash of styles.

Here are the biggest keys to victory for both men in this intriguing World Title clash that will air live in U.S. primetime from the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

#1 Williams Thriving In Toe-To-Toe Exchanges

While Williams has excellent technique, it wouldn’t be ideal to compete with a striking supremo like “The Kicking Machine” on those terms. Instead, the challenger should use his unique ability to march forward and attack on the front foot.

Daniel Puertas showed that Superlek can leave gaps when he’s forced to the Circle Wall, and “Mini T” will aim to back up the defending titleholder and capitalize on similar situations.

By swarming the Thai icon and taking away his space, Williams can fire hard punches and try to come out of those toe-to-toe exchanges with the upper hand.

It’s a risky tactic against an experienced opponent who can maintain their composure, but once “Mini T” starts launching forward with blitzes of punches and flying attacks, even a veteran like Superlek can get flustered.

Williams is comfortable in that range and believes in his own chin, so crowding the divisional king will put the ball in his court.

#2 Superlek Keeping His Challenger At Long Range

Superlek must avoid a brawl, and he has plenty of tools to keep “Mini T” at bay.

“The Kicking Machine’s” teeps – also known as push kicks – are one of his best weapons, and they could help move Williams out of the pocket.

If the challenger loops in with punches or tries to fly in with knees or elbows, a well-timed push kick can disrupt his forward momentum and open up the opportunity to counter.

Moreover, Superlek throws fast, powerful teeps off both legs and can use them offensively and defensively to keep the fight at a more favorable distance, where he can let rip with his effective long-range weapons.

If Williams does advance, the ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion has a hard counter left hook and thudding right knees that can help dissuade his foe from continuing the charge.

#3 Williams’ Heavy Counter-Punches

Route one for Williams is the forward march, but if he’s stuck on the end of Superlek’s long strikes, he can bring his counters into play.

Whether it’s punches or kicks, “Mini T” does not let his rivals off the hook when they attack him, replying with venom to let them know he’s not an easy target.

The Thai-born Aussie loves to fire back with rapid punches, and if his opponents are over-committed or not quick to regain a sound defensive position, they’ll feel the brunt of his power.

Superlek should also not get too excited if he appears to hurt his challenger, as Williams will happily bite down on his mouthpiece and fire back – even when he’s been stung or dropped.

#4 Superlek’s Legendary Right Kicks

If Superlek can keep the bout at his preferred range for extended periods, he’ll have plenty of opportunities to smash his foe with his iconic right kicks.

“The Kicking Machine” primarily earned his nickname for his body kicks, and he can use them to batter Williams’ body, whether he’s tucked in tight or extended to punch.

If those kicks get through to the body, “Mini T” will get worn down and hurt. Even if the challenger blocks them, the damage will accrue in his arms and limit his ability to punch and maintain his guard.

Originally scheduled to face Rui Botelho for three rounds at ONE Fight Night 8, Williams’ conditioning could take a massive hit if he’s consistently eating shins to the midsection across five World Title frames.

And the more he must worry about the body, the more chances Superlek will have to switch to low kicks or high kicks – both of which are extremely punishing.

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